climbed the rock wall today...

  1. climbed the rock wall today...

    Yep i got my big ass up it (all three the beginners, intermediate, and the expert side)

    I have been going to this gym for about 11 Months and see it almost everyday and never did try it but today i got harnessed up and made my happy way up all about 40 feet of it.

    just thought id boast a little.

  2. congrads...
    RIP Ryan, :(

  3. I used those a couple of times at an old gym. I have much respect for rock climbers. That's some serious work.

  4. j/k congrats

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Viperspit

    j/k congrats
    lol, ill have to take some someday,

    like J-hawk said it was tough, i thought i could just upperbody powerhouse it up the wall but the technique is what i lacked.

    oh well have to do it again tomorrow after my workout again (that is if the pumps in my forearms goes down)



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