BB Vids Server

  1. BB Vids Server

    I was talking to WW7 and thought of this:

    I have Pumping Iron, Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable, and Dorain Yates: Blood and Guts in Divx format and share them on kazaa. Well, I thought why don't I just set up either a web or FTP server (most likely http, easier than FTP for some) for you guys to download them if you want to. I can set up a user name and password and post it here.

    This would be best utilized with a broadband connection and a download manager that supports resumable downloads. I will post the .exe of a great simple download manager in the same directory in case anyone wants it.

    Anyone interested?

  2. Ok, so I've got close to 60GB of videos to share with the bro's here. I do share them on kazaa also, but this is a direct link. or

    Username: bdc
    Password: swole

    Ok, so like I said you might want to get a download manager that can support resumable downloads. I have included an awesome little exe file in the folder you can download (only .exe in there), I use it as well, it's only 250k or so.

  3. Let me know if there are any movies you want, I am sure I have most of them.  500+ at last count. 

  4. that sounds great!!!! i always thought "the shadow" i s just a freakin creature. appreciate the work u will under go 2 make it happen.

  5. Awesome! Lotsa good movies in there


  6. Thanks alot, brother! Flix for days!!

  7. Thanx bro!

  8. I'm attempting to d/l blood and guts. It says it will take a day. oh well, good site!

  9. Great post!  Thanks.  Couldn't find Pumping Iron, am I blind? 

  10. Originally posted by deaconbill
    Great post!  Thanks.  Couldn't find Pumping Iron, am I blind? 
    No, not blind, sorry. I burnt it on a CD then deleted it, I'll put it back up there now. Thanks I forgot!

  11. Ok, sorry, Pumping Iron is now back up there. Anyway I added some of my completely random music folders for you guys to browse. The selection is fairly diverse, mainly what i 've downloaded though, not ripped from my own collection, but have a look anyway:

    There's some good stuff if you browse the folders, hope you find something you like.


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