house of 1000 corpses

  1. house of 1000 corpses

    that **** was wild.&nbsp; I wanna see it again incase I missed something.<IMG alt=Chainsaw src="" border=0>

  2. Should I see it? The Hawaii Industrial/Goth group I'm a member of for nostalgia's sake says it's great, and they hope Todd McFarlane makes models of two of the characters from the end.

  3. that **** is crazy like evil dead 2.&nbsp; Its kind of refreshing from all the garbage comidies and love junk that been out recently.

  4. I never really heard of the movie until now. What is it about? Haunted House ghost killler?

  5. just dl it from kazaa took less than 40 mins

  6. I have a different take on the movie. Basically, I wanted to walk out halfway through. Was it the movie, or was it because that was the second movie my girl and I watched that day which was cutting into my meal time


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