Gold's Gym - San Francisco

  1. Gold's Gym - San Francisco

    Anyone out that way?
    I fly to San Fran tonight, and I see that there are two Gold's pretty close to each other downtown.
    I was just curious if anyone had been to either or both and does it matter which one I train at?

  2. everytime I hear golds gym now I think of the movie pumping iron that starts off like sooooooooo.

    "Gold's Gym, Venice, California..."

  3. The best one in San Fran is on 9th and Brannan, near Townsed (A good distance away from the Castro LOL). Members there are more serious and focused on working out then the other locations.

    1001 Brannan St
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  4. Thanks, thats the one I ended up going to and it was pretty good.

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