You know you had a good leg workout when

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  1. You know you had a good leg workout when

    1, Getting off the couch, you end up on your knees and your wife/gf looking at you like you are an idiot.

    2. You get into your car and you have to use your hands to make your legs push the gas pedal.

    Okay feel free to add some more... I will as more come to me.. btw tonight was leg night.. I LOVE SUNDAY NIGHTS !!!!!!

  2. I usually stall my car a couple times when Im leaving the gym parking lot after leg day

  3. - you go into the bathroom to crap the next morning, knowing full well you'll not only have to "aim and plop" your ass onto the bowl in lieu of squatting, but also will have to initiate some sort of "lean sideways and pull yourself up by the shower curtain and the towel bar" plan, and that it could well be a full hour before you've managed to fully right yourself

  4. You now that you mention that Biggin.. we are getting ready to redo the bathrooms in the house.. wonder if I can slip in a bar across from the pot strong enough to use to pull my ass up off the bowl on the days after

  5. heh... probably could look into the commercial handicapped bars... those things look damn sturdy... think about the reactions though

    "no no, I don't have any elderly relatives living with me... that's for... well, it's for me after I kick my own ass on leg day..."

  6. The day after you walk up steps and all of a suden your quads just give out and your legs wobble like an spaz for a few seconds. I hate that

  7. ^bump that jweave. Your walking down the street, limping rather, and suddenly your knee just gives out and you damn near take a header onto your face.

    Or right after your workout you go to the change room, start your PW shake, puke, then continue your shake. I hate that.

  8. I've had times where I'd pay someone to take me home... Damn foxsets for quads hurt like a mofo!

  9. Hell I don't make till after the workout to puke,keep a trash can near my just for that reason

    It usually takes me 15-20min just to be able to walk at all


  10. -takes you an hour to walk down to campus (which is blatenly only 9 streets away). Love being late to work and classes. Sage

  11. -- you forget the combination to your gym lock and can't remember it for 10 minutes.

  12. Even worse is trying to walk down the stairs. Or the pain in the ass(literally) that is bending over at the waist.

  13. you get up and drive to work/school the next day and realize you cant get out of your car.  Then you walk to class and look like you have the ****z and people stare at you.  Then you sit down in class/work and let out an grunt ass you sit.  Then you have a cramp. then you acctualy have to **** and cant bend to sit on the toilet. It just goes on and on.

  14. you roll out of bed and cant stand up
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  15. you and your gf are watching tv calmly on the couch and you crack a joke and she lightly gives you a love tap to your quads. oh **** the pain. oh **** it hurts. and of course she doesnt believe you!

  16. Actually.. here is a cruel joke at our gym.. the bathroom is upstairs.. one complete flight.. now that hurts like a bitch

  17. I always get paranoid that I'm going to get shut off at the bar because I keep almost falling over every time I step to the side too fast. I've also fallen down the stairs on multiple occasions.

  18. Originally posted by Matthew D
    Actually.. here is a cruel joke at our gym.. the bathroom is upstairs.. one complete flight.. now that hurts like a bitch
    Got ya beat, my old gym was small and in a 3 story store front. The weights where on the third floor, change room was in the basement . Can't tell you how many times I fell down the stairs after a leg workout.

  19. Well that does have mine beat by a mile.. I guess you show off your scrapes after a leg workout

  20. OK, when I first saw this thread I thought either y'all were a bunch of pussies or I had not been busting my ass on leg day. Probably, the latter. Sure, I have had my legs shake uncontrollably and walked to my car looking like I had a load in my pants, but collapse? Never. Well, last night it happened. Got off the couch and crumpled to the floor. Guess, I am a member now.

  21. LOL.. there you go labrad.. I wasn't really a member in good standing till about a month ago.. better late than never

  22. Your legs hurt.

  23. LOL.. well quads are back to normal tonight.. alittle tight but I am on my feet all day so that is half way expected.. Getting ready for NEXT Sunday night

  24. Originally posted by Colibri
    Your legs hurt.
    lol, great one there sparky!

    It's leg night for me, about to go hurt myself. Light weight baby!!
  25. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    I was thinking that I was a weak for limping up the three flights of steps like an 80 year old to teach some of my lessons at school.
    I get odd looks from the students & other teachers.
    Non-lifters just don`t seem to comprehend the DOMS from leg day.
    I`m glad I`m not alone in my pain.
    Since I`ve started MAX-OT & recently OVT my legs seem to be sorer than ever.


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