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    I spend most of my time here now but are there any other good sites you guys recomend.

  2. anabolicuniverse... that's about it mindandmuscle is decent too, gives me a ****ing headache looking at it though... variety of info is a good thing but there are so many ****-boards out there where people just blow chunks all over the forums and see what sticks... I can't stand that kind of ****... so I mostly stay here

  3. Ummm this is my home site, but I do visit many others. Canadianjuicemonsters.com, Anabolicuniverse.com, Massuniversity.com, Anabolex.com, Anabolicscience.com, Bodybuilding.com. Thats all I can think of right now.



  4. i agree with biggin...esp about mindandmuscle being hard to read. its pretty bad....but good info for the most part and pretty good discussion. i really dont stray too far from here tho. i like massuniversity.com also.

  5. i might be in the minority on this one....but the two boards i use (this being the major one) are AM and fitnessgeared. Sage

  6. I'm always here (obviously) but I go to:

    Anabolic Universe, Bodybuilding.com, AvantLabs, Anabolex, Animals and occasionally a few others like FG or intense-training. I don't post much elsewhere though, just a lurker.

  7. I post at musclemag and Im a lurker here and at intense-training.

  8. Hey cool thanks for sharing the links guys!

  9. anabolex.com
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  10. Here and bb.com.

  11. I am a member of over 30 boards, and although this is my home board, I love Anabolic Universe and consider it a second home.

    I also enjoy cuttingedgemuscle, Canadianjuicemonsters, and Massuniversity.

    Bodybuilding.com is mostly teenagers now, and MassMonsterz and fitnessgeared have gone so far downhill, I will never go back.

    AvantLabs has some excellent information, but like biggin, I get a headache reading it.

  12. Yeah, Jb is right, bb.com has a lot of teens and newbies on it. I like it, because it was my first board, it has a lot of traffic, I can help out, and I can flame the rest. For info. I come here or Avantlabs. If I make a new thread it is always over here. I couldn't imagine asking a question over at bb.com.

  13. I like to lurk at mindandmuscle, it has some of the best information.

    But out of all the boards, there are none that I like to stay up to date with other than AM. Elite has alot of good articles written by some of the smarter guys like huck that you can search up, sometimes I search up AR, CJM, CEM (for Nandi's), etc


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