What other non BB boards do you post on?

  1. What other non BB boards do you post on?

    I was wondering what other "Communities" Ya'll belong to.

    Me, as a resteranteur I post at

    roadfood.com (awesome site for resteranteurs or just to find good local restaurants, great while traveling)

    Also PMQ.com ans pizzatoday.com Cuz I am a pizza geek.

    Because I am buying a Saturn Sky I post at Saturnlovers.com (have you guys seen that car?)

    Because I am a huge Bills/sabres fan I post at buffalorange.com (best sports board ever)

    Because I like to find out every scam possible with my sprint pcs phone... sprintusers.com

    Hmmm I think thats about it.


  2. BB, BBB, IM mostly and now AM

  3. BB.com, Black-rifles.com, warrifles.com,AR15.com, just to name a few. Yeah, I like guns. It's a hobby right next to body building.
  4. The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.They'll tell you black is really white, the moon is just the sun at night and when you walk in golden halls you get to keep the gold that falls.

  5. suzuki-bikes.com


    A site a bunch of people who used to game online together stay and chat over pretty much every subject ya can think of.

  6. Mainly here....

    but sometimes can be found at:

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  7. neons.org

  8. Mightysworld.com is my main site
    Coastaloutdoors.com for fishing and hunting info

  9. www.myfishtank.net because a favorite hobby of mine is aquariums (more specifcilly marine aquariums)

  10. There are boards that have nothing to do with bodybuilding

    Seriously, I never visited one until recently. I've been starting to follow some education boards.

    The whole concept of online discussion with strangers seemed so strange to me. I don't know why; it is a natural evolution...

  11. glocktalk.com

  12. corner-carvers.com

  13. levels4you.com
    It's a community for people who do online multiplayer gaming (I design game levels as a hobby).

  14. I used to post on caraudioforums.com, and I ocassionally read the xbox forums before buying a game.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Tighe
    what do you drift?

    Had a 92 5spd no sun roof, uncracked dashed, working HUD, coupe. But daughter number one came and it was sold for an Altima.

  16. Sorry my friend, but corner-carvers is pretty much flat out anti drift. I don't take such a hard line on it, but I'd rather be at a road course or an autocross. As for the Supra, I dont' have one, just like the looks of the MKIV, especially with the sexy TOMS treatment. I get my kicks in a 1995 Trans Am. It'll be a Z06 one day, but for now I'm a broke college student.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Same here. Got a 210 reef.
    wow dude a 210 gallon reef is my damn dream... I only have a 20 g long nano and planning a 110 in July if I can save up the money... so much money....

  18. I'm into golfing as well so I tend to hang out on GolfBoards golf forum at http://golfboards.net a lot too.


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