What other non BB boards do you post on?

  1. What other non BB boards do you post on?

    I was wondering what other "Communities" Ya'll belong to.

    Me, as a resteranteur I post at

    roadfood.com (awesome site for resteranteurs or just to find good local restaurants, great while traveling)

    Also PMQ.com ans pizzatoday.com Cuz I am a pizza geek.

    Because I am buying a Saturn Sky I post at Saturnlovers.com (have you guys seen that car?)

    Because I am a huge Bills/sabres fan I post at buffalorange.com (best sports board ever)

    Because I like to find out every scam possible with my sprint pcs phone... sprintusers.com

    Hmmm I think thats about it.


  2. BB, BBB, IM mostly and now AM

  3. BB.com, Black-rifles.com, warrifles.com,AR15.com, just to name a few. Yeah, I like guns. It's a hobby right next to body building.

  4. suzuki-bikes.com


    A site a bunch of people who used to game online together stay and chat over pretty much every subject ya can think of.

  5. Mainly here....

    but sometimes can be found at:

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  6. neons.org

  7. Mightysworld.com is my main site
    Coastaloutdoors.com for fishing and hunting info

  8. www.myfishtank.net because a favorite hobby of mine is aquariums (more specifcilly marine aquariums)

  9. There are boards that have nothing to do with bodybuilding

    Seriously, I never visited one until recently. I've been starting to follow some education boards.

    The whole concept of online discussion with strangers seemed so strange to me. I don't know why; it is a natural evolution...

  10. glocktalk.com

  11. corner-carvers.com

  12. levels4you.com
    It's a community for people who do online multiplayer gaming (I design game levels as a hobby).

  13. I used to post on caraudioforums.com, and I ocassionally read the xbox forums before buying a game.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Tighe
    what do you drift?

    Had a 92 5spd no sun roof, uncracked dashed, working HUD, coupe. But daughter number one came and it was sold for an Altima.

  15. Sorry my friend, but corner-carvers is pretty much flat out anti drift. I don't take such a hard line on it, but I'd rather be at a road course or an autocross. As for the Supra, I dont' have one, just like the looks of the MKIV, especially with the sexy TOMS treatment. I get my kicks in a 1995 Trans Am. It'll be a Z06 one day, but for now I'm a broke college student.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Same here. Got a 210 reef.
    wow dude a 210 gallon reef is my damn dream... I only have a 20 g long nano and planning a 110 in July if I can save up the money... so much money....

  17. I'm into golfing as well so I tend to hang out on GolfBoards golf forum at http://golfboards.net a lot too.


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