Q for the mods, re: posting from other forums

  1. Q for the mods, re: posting from other forums

    Would it be acceptable for me to link to a discussion going on from a different site? I have some questions I am very interested in pursuing but not getting any useful info yet from anyone over there. I'd like to start a thread on this site to see if anyone can add anything to the discussion.

  2. You can start the thread here. If there isn't any useful info, why link it?

  3. OK thanks, will give it another day or two.

    I'm just not getting any meaningful responses on the other site, just silly crap, so I figured people here might be more mature about it.

  4. Similar to Brent's comments, I'd recommend starting the topic on Am.com and in the right forum category.

    Step 1: Look at thread and elicit the most important points - sometimes a poorly framed question or topic, elicits poor responses. So, can you revise, or clarify the key questions at all?

    Step 2: Summarize the responses you've seen so far, and why they are not on target.

    Step 3: Re-state your question, and add specific questions you want answered.

    When people are busy, pre-digesting the information for them, will usually help get you better responses.

    Hope that helps...

    BTW, what's the topic?

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