Bloodwork done ( Any comments or suggestions ? )

  1. Bloodwork done ( Any comments or suggestions ? )

    I have been off of my PCT for about 1 month now since my superdrol cycle.. I did not have bloodwork done before the cycle.. The company I work for gave us the option to get it done, so I did .. I was mostly interested in the PSA results.. Since my Dad found out that he had polups and one was cancerous , It was removed, and all is well now.. He wanted me to get a scope done, But I do not like Dr.s Guess I am scared of them.. Anyway, Here are all my numbers.. The only one that is out of range is my Cholesterol It is borderline.. Please take a look and tell me what you think about the rest of my restults. Especially the PSA one if you know anything about it.. I do not know much about all of this.. Like I said, the results say that I am good on everything... But I would really like to know more about the PSA one.. If this looks high, Tell me what you think, or if I should or need to go to the Dr to talk with him.. Thank you all for your help...

    This is my Hematology area of the test.
    WBC 6.7
    RBC 5.05
    HGB 16.3
    HCT 46.7
    PLT 248

    This just says Chemistry
    Potassium 3.8
    Glucose 87
    BUN 16
    Creatinine 1.1
    Uric Acid 5.7
    TOT Prot 7.1
    ALK PHOS 47
    T BIL 0.8
    AST 29
    ALT 29
    Calcium 9.3
    TRIG 84
    Chol 211

    LDL 162
    HDL 32

    My PSA ( Prostatic SP AG ) 1.12

    If I need to add the units Ref range to help out please let me know.. I do not know if this is standard acroos the board or not..

    Also have another question...
    I take my protein shake at least once a day 1 scoop of it in
    8 oz of milk You saw my protein numbers 7.1

    My buddy who is about 4 yrs younger than me, his protein number is higher than mine, and he takes no protein..
    Why is that.. I know I eat more protein than him...

    Anyway, let me know if any of this makes any sence or not.

    And I do appreicate any help or comments you can offer up..


  2. Adding some cardio could really help your cholesterol...

    There are also some supps if you want, search around - there's a sticky "Safe Cycling" or something like that.

    I'm not familar with the PSA.
    My doc. decided he wanted to check my prostate himself.

  3. I have just started jogging the last two weeks.. And I have also read that eatting oatmeal will help.. I have seen the post about using fish oil and RRY or RYR whichever it is... but I read that the RRY is only for only really high cholesterol..

  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also ood for cholesterol #s. LDL is still pretty frickin' high. I'd take care of that ASAP with supps listed in Safe Cycling thread.

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