new member,wanted to say hello.

  1. Thumbs up new member,wanted to say hello.

    hello everyone,i am new here and wanted to say hello.i have been visiting as a guest for a while and wanted to let everyone on here know that this is the most inforformative site i have ever seen.there are alot of very smart and informative people here.i have learned alot from you guys,from my supplement choices to my training.i am 26 and have been training since i was 16,hardcore for the last 3 years.just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the great information.

  2. glad to have you on the board.

  3. Welcome.

  4. Welcome and enjoy, and with all that experience make sure to contribute to the wealth of info

  5. hey, new here myself.

  6. Welcome to the both of you. Read up and enjoy. Also please go through the board rules so we don't have any issues with posts. Thanks and welcome, J


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