I'm new here and very interested in IGF-1. I'm also new to online purchasing and at bit apprehensive about putting out a substantial amount of dough for these grey market items. So I hope my questions are in line and perfectly understandable.

First, how is it these products are obtained if they are not sold on the open market? In other words, what qualifies Muscle Research to be able to access and distribute them for “research“ purposes? Is this just a black market ruse? Maybe this is an unspoken truth and I’m being out of line, I don’t know. Secondly, do these items get red flagged at customs when mailed internationally? I realize no laws are being broken here, but…I know a guy who had his tren confiscated at the border and that is not illegal either in the pellet form.

I sent muscle research an email inquiring about purchasing and got an almost immediate reply (even though it was sent in the late evening) which leads me to believe it was answered from home and not likely a place of business (at least not a brick and mortar operation). Which, in and of itself, is not a red flag per se. But when I sent another email asking the above questions about legitimacy, I'm still to receive a reply. So, I don't know. Maybe someone can enlighten me and put me at ease. I really do want to buy, but I want to be informed.