Need some help for my Mom... Dr D ?? anyone ?

  1. Need some help for my Mom... Dr D ?? anyone ?

    Ok, I am looking for some help from you guys and gals on here. My Mother is 64 yrs old, and I found the other day that the Doctor has her on a buttload of Meds.. I am questioning if she needs all these.. But right now, she is in germany, and I cannot get her to the doctor for a second opinion..

    She has Arthritis (SP) and High blood pressure.. Her spine is rubbing together because the disk have deteriated ( Sp) and this is causing her alot of pain.. She also has a high cholestrol to go along with all that..

    Anyway, after reading alot of threads on here, I see that people are taking Hawthorn berry and fish oil and things like that for dry joints and high blood pressure..

    So my question to everyone on here.. What kinda vitamins can I suggest to her that may help her in stead of all the stinking meds that this Dr has her on.. Any suggestions ??

    She is having a hardtime affording the meds she is on, So I thought I would see what I can find out from you on here..

    I am guessing that there has to be some vitamins something that could maybe help her..

    If she can take some vitamins and get a handle on some of her problems, that would be great.. Plus it will save her some money..

    Just looking for some advise..or suggestions..

    Thank you

  2. You need to find out what prescription medicine she is on and see what interactions they may have. In the end, I think you should listen to your physician but I would encourage you to seek a second and or third medical opinion.

  3. Definitely get her started on fish oil, flax or extra virgin olive oil. Does she exercise? How is her overall diet. These are all factors that can help with inflammation, bp and cholesterol.

    For supps, such as hawthorne berry, celery seed extract, etc., you definitely need to check with a doctor, as it could have the effect of increasing the effectiveness of the meds to the point of danger.

  4. BTW, Bioman is very knowledgeable about herbal supps, naturopathy... I'm guessing he'll chime in soon.

  5. Yeah, I figured some of the things may react different or be bad with some of the meds she is on.. She is in Germany for about 4 yrs, .. I have just recently got her to start exercising.. Not alot, but has started walking more.. I am trying to get her to stop smoking, but it has been an uphill battle.. Maybe one day.. I am sure her diet is no where close to where it should be.. When she gets back here, I will try to work with her on this.. She does not like it over there, and she may be moving back here with me and my wife if we can find a place that has mother -in -law quarters on it..

    So what exactly will these do ?? fish oil, flax or extra virgin olive oil...

    Fish oil is for dry joint correct ? not sure what the others will do.. But... She can safely take thse two or three with no interference with the other meds..

    Like I said.. She needs a second or third opinion.. And that will be done when I can get her back here with me..

    Thanks again guys.. A man has to take care of his Mom and Dad.. After all, they took care of us.. And I would like to be able to help her.. So thanks for your imput..

  6. Ah, gotta love medicine in Germany, I spent 8 yrs there. Once I had a really bad flu, the doc told me to drink a warm beer before bed I just wanted some antibis to knock the crap out of me. My second child was born over there also and it went pretty well. Overall though it seemed to be a step down from what we are used to here in the US.

    Anyway if she didn't go to one those high priced private doctors, I would definitely be looking for a second opinion, my impression of the socialist medical scene was pretty poor. jmho

  7. Actually, all this was prescribed by Dr.'s here in the states.. She went over to Germany to live with my sister and her husband who are in the Airforce.. Mom does not have much and my sister thinks she can take my mom on as a dependant while they are there.. They are waiting on the paper work..
    My Mom is not liking it at all, Says people are very rude.. She is out of her eliment and having a hardtime adjusting, So my wife and I are gonna see about getting another house so we can get her back here with us..

    My sister said that the Dr's there are actually ahead of ours here in the states because they can try new things that our government will not let our Dr's try here in the states..

    But I still want to get her back here and get her a second opinion.. My wife is a dental hygenist and she was looking at my moms meds and she said they have her on a med that is 2 1/2 times stronger than that which they give some one with a absessed tooth.. And she said the med is very addicting.. That cannot be good for someone..

  8. Yeh that sounds about right, typically you get the minimum in DL, because the state pays for it (hence my warm beer perscription). Dr's may be ahead, but the medical system sure isn't! Hope it all works out for you and your Mom.


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