please be quiet !!

  1. please be quiet !!

    OK! im a patient person and have to be where i live (not prison) I go to a nice golds gym and it has all the nice shiny and new stuff to play with and plenty of it~! BUT i keep getting told by the instructors "put the dbells down without making noise and no grunting PLEASE!" WTF! im not full dumping these dbell from 3 feet maybe at best 1 foot and they land on rubber flooring.. ahhh please be quiet! these instructor have no idea of training and to ad to the pain i asked an instructor to help me put some plates on the bar as he was standing there just looking at me and was told "we're not allowed to help put on the plates or take em off" hahahahahaha! maybe ill just drop a few dbells on their heads!

  2. Sounds like you need to start going to a real gym.

  3. i would if there was a better one around! thats the only reason ive stayed for over 3 years its the best place. just godda ignore some people and do my thing

  4. Wear headphones and don't make eye contact with anyone. Works great.

  5. LOL The bigger I've gotten, the less they say.
    My The 1 LOG:

  6. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    LOL The bigger I've gotten, the less they say.
    Funny how it works that way!!


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