male sexual enhancement

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  1. male sexual enhancement

    im sure a hand full of our members have used/using a product to enchance the size or stamina of their male organ. If so, what product (pills, pumps, etc) and your thoughts. this thread could get a bit tricky so lets not try to start the flaming too early ( ) Sage

  2. I can tell you that my libido has been wrecked by NYC. Alternatively, 1 test did not lessen it whatsoever(was using 4ad, as well). Yohimbine HCL waas responsible for a slight increase in my libido.

  3. Interesting with your increase scott. Mine died about week 6 and took awhile to come back......

  4. Tribulus is a HUGE sexual stim. It's been used for hundreds of years to treat importance. I guarantee after a week of trib at about 500mg ED you'll be sprouting wood at the wind. The best part it's all natural and over the counter.

  5. Originally posted by Draven
    Tribulus is a HUGE sexual stim. It's been used for hundreds of years to treat importance. I guarantee after a week of trib at about 500mg ED you'll be sprouting wood at the wind. The best part it's all natural and over the counter.
    I did Tribulus for several weeks with NO results!!

  6. Originally posted by windwords7

    I did Tribulus for several weeks with NO results!!
    How much did you take and what kind? There are two versions of trib powder, extract and ????? I can't remeber the other. I'll see if I can find the name again. Here's a study on it though:


    Effect of Tribulus terrestris treatment on impotence and libido disorders
    A.W. Nasution
    Andalas University, School of Medicine, Padang, Indonesia (1993)


    To test the effectiveness of Tribulus terrestris in treating impotence and male libido disorders, we enrolled 11 subjects, composed of 4 men diagnosed with lowered or nonexistent libido and 7 impotent men. To these two groups, 3 x 1 Libilov tablets were administered per day for 2 weeks, without any additional vitamin supplements or pharmaceutical therapeutics. 50% of the subjects with reduced libido reported increased sex drive after Libilov treatment. Close to 60% of impotent subjects experienced improved erection, including prolonged duration of erection after treatment. This trial suggested that even a short period of treatment with Libilov was effective in treating these two conditions. Furthermore, as with previous trials, no adverse side-effects were observed.


    Diagnoses of sexual disorders are often hampered by the tendencies of male patients to conceal their symptoms, due to fear or embarrassment. The lack of early diagnoses, not the unavailability of effective treatment, is often the primary reason for these disorders not being medically treated. It is not uncommon that when left untreated, such disorders can lead to marriage or relationship problems (Paat 1985). The most common forms of male sexual disorders are libido disorder and impotence, which can occur simultaneously or individually in a male patient (Adimoelja 1986, Mansur 1985). A man experiencing libido disorder, defined as decreased or nonexistent sex drive, will simultaneously have impotence. The reverse, however, is not always true. An impotent male often has a normal sex drive.

    In this clinical trial, we seek to determine the effect and possible side-effects of Libilov treatment on the male sexual drive as well as its effect on impotence. In addition, as Libilov treatment involves administration of a non-hormonal herbal extract, this trial will determine whether such treatment can supplement or replace hormone therapies in treatment of sexual disorders. If so, depending on the possible side-effects, Libilov treatment may be preferable to hormone replacement therapies. This is because hormone treatments are often associated with much unwanted or even harmful side-effects, which often include internal organ toxicity.


    Libido disorder is defined by andrologists as decreased, nonexistent or even excessive sexual drives. Masters and Johnson (1969), Steno et al. (1977), Picollo and Picollo (1978) defined impotence as the inability to achieve or maintain penile erection that is sufficient for normal sexual activities, including sexual intercourse. This becomes a medical condition if this inability to achieve erection occurs in 50% or more of sexual activities. It is possible that a man experience both libido disorder, especially decreased or non-existent sex drive, and impotence at the same time.

    Libilov is a non-hormonal herbal preparation of the plant Tribulus terrestris L. It has been used to treat infertility, as it has been shown to increase spermatozoa concentration by increasing the number of spermatogonia, spermatocytes and spermatids, as well as to treat libido disorders and impotence.

    Tests performed on laboratory animal models have shown that the administration of Tribulus extract was effective in eliciting an increase in libido as measured by the increase in the number of sexual intercourse or attempt at intercourse. A dose of 70 mg / kg of body weight for 10 days typically achieves improvement in libido or sexual reflects in 71% of test cases.

    Clinical trials of Tribulus extracts on subjects that suffered from decreased libido as well as from impotence due to primary and secondary hypogonadisms resulted in increased libido and improvement in the quality and duration of erection. Two trials involving otherwise normal subjects suffering from decreased libido and impotence showed that Libilov treatment regiment of 3 x 2 tablets / day for as little as 30 to 60 days resulted in dramatic improvement in libido and duration of erection. Furthermore, this effect was not limited to those experiencing decreased libido: a clinical trial involving more than 200 normal men between the ages of 40 to 60 years showed that administration of this extract resulted in a remarkable increase in sex drive as well as improved erection.


    Libido disorders and impotence can be caused by a variety of factors, such as physical or hormonal and psychological factors (Basjuriddin and Nasution 1993, Pangkahila 1984).

    Psychological factors are responsible for the majority of sexual disorders. It has been estimated that between 60% to more than 90% of sexual disorder cases can be traced to these factors (Simpson 1950, Stafford and Clark 1954, Baheri 1966 and Cooper 1972). Psychological factors include interpersonal and sexual development problems, emotive and cognitive factors, as well as sexual history problems.

    Physical and hormonal factors are often grouped together to form organic factors. These factors include diseases, iatrogenic and medicinal side-effects (Pangkahila 1986). The most prevalent disease that causes sexual disorders is diabetes mellitus (Nasution 1989). Iatrogenic factors include perineal abdominal surgeries, such as hemorrhoid or hernia surgeries, colon, vascular and urological, as well as sympathectomy surgeries. In cases of sympathectomy surgeries, more than 60% of subjects suffered from post-operative impotence. Medical side-effects that result in impotence include treatments with anti-hypertension, anti-androgen or estrogen, antihistamine, anti-anxiety and depression medications amongst others.


    There are several available treatments for libido disorders and impotence, including supportive treatment, sex therapy, vacuum or mechanical therapy, and prosthetic implants. Supportive treatment includes administration of neurotrophic vitamins, hormonal preparations, as well as a non-hormonal preparation marketed under the name Libilov™. Selection of treatment should take into account effectiveness of treatment, the ease of administration, cost, as well as possible side-effects. As even organic impotence often includes, or results in psychological effects such as embarrassment or depression, the involvement of the female sexual partner in the treatment of impotence or libido disorders is generally very important. It is not uncommon that the role of the female partner or the degree of her involvement can determine the success of medical treatment of the male's impotence or sexual dysfunctions.


    This clinical trial involved 11 male subjects medically diagnosed with either decreased or nonexistent libido (4 subjects) or impotence (7 subjects). To these two groups Libilov (3 x 1 tablets / day) were administered for 2 weeks. No additional vitamin supplements or pharmaceutical therapeutics were given. After two weeks of Libilov treatment, effects and progress in these subjects were evaluated.


    Out of the four subjects diagnosed with libido disorders, two (50%) reported increased sexual drive after treatment with Libilov. One (25%) did not report any increase in libido, whereas unfortunately one did not return for post-treatment evaluation. In the second group of seven subjects that were diagnosed with impotence, four subjects (57.1%) experienced improved erection and prolonged duration of erection after treatment. One patient did not experience any change. Unfortunately, two subjects from this group failed to return for evaluation.


    This clinical trial suggests that even a short period of treatment with Tribulus extract is effective in treating libido disorders and impotence: 50% of subjects diagnosed with decreased libido experienced significant improvement in sex drive and more than 57% of subjects diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or impotence experience improvement in the quality and duration of penile erection.

    Previous clinical trials of Libilov involved administration of the preparation for 30 to 60 days, with dosage as much as 3 x 2 tablets / day. This trial suggests that a much shorter period of treatment, involving a lower dose of 3 x 1 tablet / day can be as effective in treating libido disorders and impotence. As with previous trials, no adverse side-effects were reported. Furthermore, administration of only Libilov was sufficient to achieve the benefits, as no additional vitamin supplements or pharmacotherapeutics were administered.


    Libilov treatment of cases of libido disorders and impotence has been proven to be beneficial, due to its high effectiveness, absence of side-effects, and the absence of requirement of supplemental medications or vitamins.


    A. Adimoelja (1986). Male impotence in young and old men. Impotence Seminar in Denpasar, Indonesia.

    A.J. Cooper (1972). The causes and management of impotence. Postgraduate Medical Journal 48(563) 548-54.

    E.H. Masters and V.E. Johnson (1969). Undue distinction of sex. New England Journal of Medicine 281(25) 1422-3.

    A.W. Nasution (1989). Libido disorder and impotence in males diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. NKKBS Seminar in Palembang, Indonesia.

    W. Pangkahila (1984). Methods to distinguish psychological and non-psychological factors in impotence. PANDI Scientific Symposium in Bandung, Indonesia.

    W. Pangkahila (1986). Pathophysiology of impotence. Impotence Seminar in Denpasar, Indonesia.

    H. Basjuriddin and A.W. Nasution (1993). The disturbance of sexual drive of post-stroke male subjects. The 4th Biennial Asian Pacific Meeting on Impotence in Denpasar, Indonesia.

    G. Paat (1985). Impotence's effect on family life. Male Reproductive Process and Fertility. FKUI Jakarta.

    I.G. Mansur (1985). Erection problem and male impotence. Male Reproductive Process and Fertility. FKUI Jakarta.

  7. I took Tribex-500. I later read that it was far inferior to Fuzu. I will try Fuzu next time around and see how it fares.

  8. Originally posted by windwords7
    I took Tribex-500. I later read that it was far inferior to Fuzu. I will try Fuzu next time around and see how it fares.
    Your best bet is to find a herbalist and have them grind some fresh stuff up for you.

    Also, if your libido is already roaring I doubt you'll notice the effects as much as someone with a slightly below average libido. I imagine older men would find greater effect than younger.

  9. Yeah, I was down hard at the time, post cyle.

    I am getting older though so maybe I should start regular supplementation.

  10. Originally posted by sage
    im sure a hand full of our members have used/using a product to enchance the size or stamina of their male organ. If so, what product (pills, pumps, etc) and your thoughts. this thread could get a bit tricky so lets not try to start the flaming too early ( ) Sage
    What do you mean "size" ?
    The obvious?
  11. Re: Re: male sexual enhancement

    Originally posted by Havok

    What do you mean "size" ?
    The obvious?
    more along size, yes havok. so far, its been mostly mentions of tribulus to up libido (which ive used along with others, at 400mg for some post cylce) however im asking more for what havok is mentioning (ha) Sage

  12. Ok, we had a thread on this stuff on the board I mod at and here is some links and posts that were there.


    I found a little bit more about the "exercise" portion of the program. Here's some stuff I found at three referring sites (they get paid per click-thru referal)
    How does the PenisImprovement program increase the cell space? Actually it's very ingenious . ..

    Pretend you take a balloon, fill it with water and tie the end. Now, place the balloon on a table top and slowly begin to push downward with the palm of your hand. What happens?
    Because of the high elastic coefficient factor in the balloon, it allows the fluid to displace or disperse outward in all directions.

    The balloon "balloons" outward.

    Specific designed and developed exercises use the penile blood flow (the water in the balloon) to stretch and slowly enlarge the caverns in the corpora cavernosa muscle tissue. The specific exercises ensures physiological and anatomical stretching from the inside to the outside of the penis tissue evenly in all directions. Pumps and other program don't accomplish this. They attempt to stretch from the outside to the inside. The results of penis pumps is an actual shortening of the penis length and microscopic tearing of the penile tissues.
    Natural penis enlargement is based on the idea that the cavernosa and spongiosum, the two pieces of spongy tissue in the penis, can be expanded to hold more blood. Natural penis enlargement exercises keeping blood in the penis then utilizing a force+motion to move the blood around. Just imagine you fill a balloon partially with water and use one hand to clamp the end of the balloon, pushing the water into the end. Then, taking the other hand, applying slight pressure and pushing the water towards the end of the balloon. To continue with this analogy, the pressure exerted through the fluid inside of the balloon would stretch the rubber, and the capacity of the balloon would increase.
    Penis Enlargement
    "The science behind it"

    We have poured over recent journals and reports and we have learned that recent studies conducted by scientist D.J. Millward have shown that muscle cells (including the ‘corpora cells’ within the penis) are surrounded by thin sheaths of connective tissue: the endoysium, perimysium, and epimysium.

    These layers can be pictured as exceptionally tough layers of plastic wrap snugly surrounding each cell (and groups of cells). In order for each cell to enlarge, the tough, fibrous connective tissue surrounding the cell must be stretched to a larger diameter. Think of these layers as ‘girdles’ that restrict cell expansion.

    The human body responds; grows, develops, and adapts; to physical stimulation and exercise. The tendons, ligaments, muscle fibers, and cellular tissue stretch and heal to adapt to new stressors on them (Berne, Levy, Koeppen, & Stanton, 1998). This is the innate physiology of the human body, to grow and adapt to change, and all tissue in the body responds to the various stressors exerted on it.

    Penis enlargement programs rely upon this innate ability of muscle fibers to stretch and grow to accommodate exercise, along with the tendons and ligaments. However, the penis is not made up of muscle tissue, but it is affected by the ligaments attaching it to the pubic bone. In addition, the erectile tissue, corpora cavernosa, is a spongy tissue containing distensible blood spaces, which increases in size when blood is pumped into it (Martini, 1998).

    The corpora cavernosa in the male penis is similar in construction to the pore cells in marine life called sponges. Repeatedly stretching the pore cells in a live sponge will cause it's absorption pores to expand and heal in this expanded state to adapt to the minute tearing of the cellular walls of the pores, thereby making the pore cells larger and more capable of absorbing more water and nutrients.

    The corpora cavernosa is a live tissue which responds similarly in the manner of a sponge (Martini, 1998); therefore, continuous stretching and healing should cause the distensible blood spaces to increase their ability to absorb more blood, as a sponge does with water, and thereby increase actual size of the erectile tissue.

    For a bodybuilder, the blood rushing into the muscle during resistance weight training (also known as "the pump") stretches the layers, forcing them to rebuild in slightly larger and larger shapes. Now, to increase the size of your penis, you must somehow stretch the connective layers that surround your erectile tissue.

    The external exercises men perform with natural penis enlargement programs stimulate the connective layers of the penis to achieve, after repeated sessions, permanent increase in size and strength. These exercises do not cause new cells to appear – simply, pre-existing cells are forced to increase in size a small amount each time the exercises are performed. During the rest period between the exercises day, your body will rebuild itself a little bigger and stronger and with time and persistence you will begin to see measurable results.

    However, penis enlargement programs are not similar. I can only recommend one program based upon my findings, Penis Improvement the only Internet natural penis enlargement site really run by a physician.

    To understand the basics behind penis enlargement, one must understand the basic structural anatomy of the penis, how erection occurs, and the mechanics of how penile tissue can be strengthened and enlarged.

    Penis size is controlled primarily by two factors:

    The suspensory ligament that keeps your penis attached to the pubic bone


    The erectile tissue of the penis that fills with blood

    Your Penis length is primarily controlled by the length of the suspensory ligament. Your penis width, also called "girth" is primarily controlled by the amount of blood the erectile tissues can hold.

    Both of these controlling factors can be modified with exercise. Although to varying degrees. The ability of natural penis enlargement exercises to increase a man's length and width is an individual factor. In other words, men's bodies (and their penile tissues) will not repsond exactly the same.

    However, one point is clear, The erectile tissue and the suspensory ligament, need to be enlarged in tandem using the appropriate exercises to achieve significant gains in length and girth.

    There are two methods in which you can achieve increased penis length by modifying the suspensory ligament

    The first method is a surgical operation....

    The second method, is permanent as well. This method involves performing exercises that, with time and persistence, stretches the ligament to allow the penis to release to its maximum potential length. It seems and appears this method gives a "true" added length, not just the appearance of length that you get from surgery.

    Always keep in mind, the suspensory ligament is attached to your pubic bone and runs into the penis. This ligament has a pre-determined length, when you become erect the penis fills with blood and expands. After filling with blood, the penis ‘hits the wall’ of further expansion because the suspensory ligament has been stretched as far as it will go.

    Contrary to popular belief, ligamentous tissue is pliable and not static in it's length. Ligamentous "flex", "stretch", "give" and "elastic deformation capabilities" rely simply upon the quality and quantity of the microscopic elastic fibers comprising the ligament in question that needs to be longer.

    In conclusion, ligamentous tissue can be stretched but it must be done properly. Inproper stretch techniques will result in ligamentous injury which inevitably results in a surgical conclusion.
  13. Re: Re: Re: male sexual enhancement

    I knew what you meant the second you posted it Sage. You're asking about Longitudinal, Azares, Extendz, and a slew of other supplements. Let me give it to you with the utmost simplicty understood here: they're scammers. Makes Cell-Tech look like the most advanced supplement ever developed.

    By handful of members I hadn't been aware...I'd like to know any who found positive gains (without jelqing) as far as size... As for stamina, those pills containing yohimbe, tribulus, and zinc only makes you hornier and recover faster, but does not make you last longer. In fact it makes you so hard you bust quicker.

    So, don't fall for the scammer pills, and pumps are another myth. There is only one safe way to "enlarge", and you can get that for 49.95 lifetime at any of those sites. PM me if you need a tutorial source. JK!

    To give comprehensive info so this thread is more informative than speculative, you might want to check out It's the equivalent of that field of excercises. (Tons of boards out there on this.) You can also check out It's the only site that gives you some perspective on the thousands of other independent sites that spam your email with "increase 33% etc etc."

    Hope this helps for those of you who developed hamstrings so big it's dwarfing your... other parts.

    Originally posted by sage

    more along size, yes havok. so far, its been mostly mentions of tribulus to up libido (which ive used along with others, at 400mg for some post cylce) however im asking more for what havok is mentioning (ha) Sage

  14. lol dwarfing..
    But seriously, baham, did you get results with that stuff?
    if so how much?

  15. I never tried the pills, but I have enough common sense and anatomical knowledge to know it's BS. It's the bodybuilding equivalent of liquid creatine, or chrysin, or small doses of glutamine. USELESS.

    Wait..."that stuff"...did you mean excercises or pills? Actually the depth of the research, knowledge, and training is as intense as the bodybuilding community...I miss posted the URL, it's supposed to be (not .com). That should clear things up...I really don't want get into specifics...but let's just say if you commit to this as you commit to lifting (granted everything you do - training, diet, supplementing - is perfect) the results are beyond what you can imagine. I have nearly 50% gains (from pre-PE...I **** you not. It's all mental though...has to be months to years, a lifelong commitment, just like BB.) Sometimes I worry about telling ppl cuz the average will go up, then what's the point? But then I realize hardly anyone can give the 1-2 hours daily needed over months of consistent "training" to be a threat to me and raise the national male average. haha...although for everyone on this board the mental discipline is there...but to combine it with lifting will mean up to 15-20 hours a week! That's my 2 cents. Gonna try to stay outta this now.

  16. I have to say Tribulus really roxed me when i took it for libido performance and having woodies, I took more than 500mg, 750mg to be precisely correct, and in 2 weeks my libido was through the roof, ask draven , he was the one who recommended me to go into that, really did wonders

  17. Damn, only 50% increase?
    That puts some of us at a half-inch gain, Jesus Christ!!

    lol jk jk jk
    (really, jk)

  18. RaulJimenez,
    Did you just take trib alone, just curious, i have some for my post plan with my T-1, If it works that good alone ill tell the misses shes even in more trouble than before

    Good info Draven.

  19. I think the hamster is on it lol

  20. Can you really get these herbs that we pay arms and legs for at syntrax or eas at your local chinatown herb shop? Man, if they really could just grind up some trib, i'd buy a bucket for 10 bucks.

  21. Baham, yes you can. You may have to look around but you'll find it. It maybe called Puncture Vine, but tribulus terrestris comes from it.

    Dieseldude, bro I hope you're using an anti-e post cycle cause trib does NOTHING to raise test levels. Have a look at my article in the "articles" section here.

  22. Draven, at a moderate to high dose of trib, like 6 caps a day of FUZU or something, can you still keep a good libido when your natural test is 0?

  23. Well, I can't say for sure but it is used on men with sexual dysfunction, I would consider a lowered test level a "dysfunction" of sorts. But since I've never tried it myself I can't say for sure (I've try Trib just not while test levels where that low). Logically I would think it should help improve it some what, how much I can't say for sure.

  24. Dieseldude, bro I hope you're using an anti-e post cycle cause trib does NOTHING to raise test levels. Have a look at my article in the "articles" section here.
    Draven, i have everything i need for during and after.
    Im planning on stacking the Trib with my Clomid or Nolva post.

    Im going to wait a few weeks till i get full recovery on my elbow before i start my cycle.

  25. Those pills can't be better than Synthol for size


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