After stumbling onto this (quite wonderful) site a few months back I have finally got up the nerve to make an account. So hello.

I have very much enjoyed and put to use some of the excellent advice on this forum and hope that I can contribute in the future.

A bit about me: I have been training for 2 years or so and am a natural ectomorph. I posted a bit about my training and diet in the bulking section ("Greet and Diet Concern")

I was eating about 6000 cal per day and managed to get up to 198 but now am rapidly dropping weight at 5000 cal per day down to about 191.

Also I might add (just for information purposes) that I have a low natural test level and have been offered HRT by my doctors but opted not to take it. It kind of stinks being 24 and having that condition, but I think that I have done well in spite of it. So I am also looking for ways to naturally boost my test levels as well as live healthily.

I was debating trying out the NHA stack (rebound and activate) which people have had good experiences with. What do you think? Pros or cons?

PS: Most famous comment:
A female friend of mine asks
"Why don't you date?"

My reply
"Having a girlfriend would reduce the number of meals I could eat in a day. That is unacceptable."