first post here....

  1. first post here....

    Whats up guys....I found the site researching finasteride....there was a link at

    I got alot of questions and they dont seem to have simple answers...not many people are educated past the clinical trials that propecia publishes...and im interested in alot more detail before I make a lifetime commitment to altering my hormones....

    What im not too up on is hormones...what role they play individually....and specifically dht. I want the benefits of finasteride, but im scared of the potential sides.....its strange how some users have no sides, while others have many, and some even prove to be irreversible after discontinuing the meds.

    I thought of going to an endocrinologist and getting my levels tested...and then monitoring as i take the meds, but I dont know what I am lookin for, to be honest, and the docs and other people I talk with arent real clear either....

    Ive been posting on a number of boards about how to possibly negate or prevent the sides associated with some example of which....

    Conteract Fin?
    DIM and to some degree the flax SDG

    Pretty confused on the subject...I know how the drug works, but dont know enough about hormonal balance and supplementation to make an educated decision...

  2. First let me say "Welcome". Now with that out of the way here is a thread you might wnat to read.

    Now you do know that this is a board about lifting (BBing, Oly, and PLing)? There are not a lot of guys that use Fina or Duta. Heck most guys just shave their heads.
    But since you have had a transpant I would suggest Fina and Dr. Lee's Xandrox 5%.
    As for fina I used it for six years and it only help a little. I had no noticable sides. I could still get hard when ever I needed too. And everything worked. Don't forget that most of those studies that qoute those horrible side effects are almost the same statisticly the as a plecebo.
    Now I use duta which for ME is so much better. I have regown a large degree of hair, esp when I combine it with Xandrox.
    If you have any specific questions Big V or I would be more the happy to help.

  3. Hey, thanx for the reply....Yeah, I do know its a body building forum...thats why I came here....I figure that if anyone knows ways to counteract fin, it would be here...

    thanks for the advice on the Xandrox-I have been using that for years-I dialog alot with Dr. Lee via email....Again, what I am asking is not products to use or not use, its more of me getting a clear knowledge of what blocking dht does systematically, how I can counteract possible sides, and to not "hurt" my body at the expense of savin my hair....

    I had 3 shoulder surgeries in the last 15 months.....So after my rehab and the heal time from the ht, Im back to the, again, thats one of the main reasons I came here...

    And I tried the shaving thing....looked like a f%kin psyco...

  4. on another guy advocates the herbal approach....I wonder if anyone of you guys have had experience with any of the following....and if it helps to "balance" the system in conjunction with fin....Pating a post from regrowth below....

    Immortal - Top 3.....correct dosages?

    Hi ImmortalHair,
    I just started your Top 3 about 3 days ago. This is what I am taking > Source Naturals Lignan Extract, NSI Phytosterol Complex, NSI Resveratrol Green Tea/C/Grape Complex. The Lignan Extract has 70 mgs of lignan per that means I take 1 capsule twice daily ( 1 in morning and 1 in evening) correct? The Phytosterol Complex has 375 mgs of beta sis per tablet so I take a tab and cut it in half and take one piece in morning and the other half in evening correct? And the Resveratrol Green Tea/C/Grape Complex has 200 mgs of green tea extract per capsule(standardized to 98% polyphenols,80% catechins, 45% EGCG) so I take 1 capsule 3 times daily( 1 in morning, 1 at noon, and 1 in the evening) correct? I just want to make sure that I am taking the correct amount and not messing up. So far I have been doing this for a few days and feel negative effects. Thanks Immortal.

  5. welcome
    RIP Ryan, :(

  6. thanx chick...

  7. hey welcome aboard bro, got any questions just make a post... but make sure you search first!

  8. My experiance is that most of the herbal tend to be plecebo. Most of the people that take them truly want them to work so they do.
    And as for the effects of fina when it first came out many people said the samethings you are, about the systemic effects. And numerous researches in the feild of hair and scalp research said that after puberty DHT had no real benefit. And as someone who has been of somesort of 5alpha boilcker since they came out in 93-94 I have had no problems nor have any medical test I have done come back with anything out of the ordinary.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by christopher
    thanx chick...

    That's TOUGH Chick Newb....JK

  10. hola! do hair transplants hurt really bad?

  11. Psychologically..


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