New member looking for LEANmass

  1. New member looking for LEANmass-fina?

    Just a 40 yoa depressed guy looking for help. Have been lifting on and off for 25 years, currently 6'4" 245 lbs. Just can't seen to get lean and vascular even if I cut down to tuna and carrot sticks. Wife gave ok to try FINA DMSO only, everything I read looks like a good match. Will lean out but not put on mass, which is fine for me. A voice in the back of my mind tells me I am still too green a novice to take this step. Hoping someone with exp in this area will help out.


  2. Re: New member looking for LEANmass-fina?

    I think you came to the right spot. Read read and read some more. There are a ton of great recourses on this board. A lot of really intelligent people who are more then willing to lend thier expertise.

    Good luck with your research and welcome to the board.

  3. are you looking to cut some unwanted bf or do you want to put on some muscle first then get ride of some bf?

    Cutting down to tuna and carrot sticks all day wont bring the results ya want, but with a little research and some q+a on both sides I think you will find what you need.

  4. Your wife's not going to like you much with the DMSO. Then again - it won't matter much since your sex-drive will be gone! Add some test if you can. If fact a test cycle with some ECA might be even better for someone like you.

    Go to the doc and get your hormones checked, he might get you some!

    Check out the "35 and Older" section. There's a great thread about male HRT.

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