info needed on keys fitness. needed urgently

  1. info needed on keys fitness. needed urgently

    i have a chance to get a keys fitness leg press/hack squat model lphs for 699.00 brand new with lifetime warranty. would you guys recommend a keys leg press for this price. i have to let him know by tomorrow at lunch. a friend of mine is holding it for me. this is a floor model. please help if you can.. thanks


  2. Retails for $ cost is $549.50

    It's a good product, and your buddy is still makin some cash off ya...if you are in ther need i would get it.

  3. Now you better participate in a helpfull way some how Newb...

  4. thanks refried. my friend works for the fitness store and he got the price down for me some. i appreciate your help

  5. No problem, thanks for the Negative rep...

    HAHA, Next time if ya like me click on the aproove button! NP man...

    BTW where does he work?

  6. Im sorry refried if I left you negative. I truly meant to leave positive. I dont know how to go and check what I left and I also dont know how to fix it. If you would let me know how to I will be glad to change to positive.. Im sorry

  7. No prob man, it's a freaking number...

    Where does your buddy work?


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