No signature!

  1. No signature!

    I have my signature set up in my user control panel but it wont show up when i post!!!!!!!

    I can see everybody elses


    and how can I convert a bitmap file into a jpeg in order to post pictures of me for my avatar? any ideas comments hints suggestions etc etc thank ya'll.

  2. It would seem the Admin has removed sig priviliges for regular members..Only mods/board supporters have them now...So do like I am going to do today and donate!..

  3. Blah. I'm 17 and dont have a credit card or debit card. How am I to donate?

    Maybe I will go purchase a VisaBuxx or a Visa gift card. Then I may donate.

    Admins.. rawr...

  4. Er... Can I also not create polls because I have not donated/

    Or does the admin not like me for some strange, obscure reason.



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