Belts, Straps etc....

  1. Belts, Straps etc....

    Do any of you guys buy your belts, straps, etc etc online? If so where are you guys getting them?

  2. got a 13mm lever belt from inzer.

    got my knee wraps and straps from APT ( the 2.5m ZRV-pro's are badass, they take flesh off they're so tight

  3. I have an inzer 2 prong belt. If you go inzer I would order off one of their suppliers becauase it took forever for my belt to get here. Also I'd suggest lever or 1 prong because my 2 prong belt can be a ***** to get tight. I Have inzer knee raps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves. For wrist wraps I have apt zrv and my girl has the apt black mambas. I actualy like her black mambas better. Almost forgot I have apt straps and they are by far the most badazz ones I've ever seen. You could probably tow a boat with the damn

  4. I use wrist staps but nothing special. I probably need to look into getting some decent ones instead of the ones I got free from champs.

  5. Well seeing how you guys pretty much use the same company they must be good, so I'm gonna copy cat of you guys .

  6. Elitefitness, Inzer and Titan, a levered or ratched belt is the way to go, you get the support of a double pronged without the pain of installation and removal. I bought a double prong from Titan in 1987 and I just replaced it with an Inzer levered, I passed the ol' titan down, the point is buy 13mm and get a quality belt, the few extra dollars will yeild extra years of life.

  7. i got a nice, 13mm belt from APT. real sturdy and secure (not that i can even squat


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