A real life story of Gambling, deciet, and a hitman...

  1. A real life story of Gambling, deciet, and a hitman...

    I just found out some info on a few of my 'friends' around here...

    I will post tommorow as I am leaving, I just wanted to get you intreeged...

  2. ****, now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    ****, now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
    OK Wise guy....

    So, it all starts with an abandoned old Target store. After 3 years of being boarded up, a new gym by the name of LA Fitness was going to move in and be the biggest gym in San Diego.

    Me being the savy business type that I am, I open another nutrition store directly next door. A friend of mine got the contract on all the personal training in the new gym, this is big business as there are 15 or so trainers working for him, and he has to pay 15g a month in rent just for the exclusive contract.

    Anyways, life is good. Business is good for us all, untill I opened the paper the other day to find out that my buddy (the head trainer dude) is running a small gang full of pretty white boys like himself. They are dealing drugs, have stolen property, and what not.

    Aparently he owed a lot of money to two of his employees for football bets, and instead of being a man and nutting up and paying he put out a hit on them. Now realise this is way upperclass SanDiego North county, this crap doesnt happen here. The dude that was supposed to carry out the hit, on my other buddies, (the bookies) went to the authorities instead. They raided Scotts house and found stolen property, diamands, drugs all sorts of wierd ****. AND he is being acused of raping a 14 year old girl F****** looser.

    The kicker is he just had his 2nd baby a week before he got picked up, he is very well off (comes from a lot of money) has a house valued at over a million dollars, and has a wife that would stop traffic, this girl is drop dead gorgeous!

    I can't wait for Bubba to get a hold of his pretty boy white ass.


  4. Word of the newly discovered alleged gang was first made public after police raided the defendants' homes Thursday, and arrested three of the five men. Police seized about 25 guns during the early morning raid on three homes in Carlsbad, one in Encinitas and one in San Marcos.

    The search also yielded a backpack stuffed with three ski masks, paper suits, a flashlight and zipties, Manning said in court

  5. "Sheriff's deputies booked Sepulveda on March 3 into the Vista jail on suspicion of sex with a 14-year-old girl, lewd acts with a child, and supplying a minor with liquor. His bail was set at $750,000."

  6. Wow, what a ****ing moron. Well, he got what he deserved.

  7. Ahhh, I can go get some sleep now. finally


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