hey fellas

  1. hey fellas

    whats goin on everyone...been lookin around at you guys for a while and i got some time now so here i am...likin the site and im here to stay.
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  2. Glad your here! What problems have been taken care of?
    Last edited by windwords7; 04-09-2003 at 04:37 PM.

  3. Hey Motely. Congrats on winning the Article contest over at AU, that was you right?

  4. Sup Breu ....

    Yes, he was the winner !!!!!

    Outstanding job he did ....

    Use the search button on this board bro and you will find the answers to just about anything.... they are not called anabolic minds for nothing !

  5. Congrats on winning the contest!

  6. whats shakin motley! nice to see you over here and posting, and congrats on the article (Damn I wish wish we had that banana smilie)

  7. sup BROO!!! heh... already had some good talks with you in chat bro, lookin forward to chillin more with ya. cool guy we got here

  8. thanks for the sweet welcome bros...i am the winner hehe glad to be here guys

  9. let me throw in one more welcome aight? welcome aight! Sage


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