Xyience TV commercial

  1. Xyience TV commercial

    Wow! Does anyone know who the hot bikini babe in that commericial is? I've seen it twice in the past hour and wouldn't mind finding her on the 'net somewhere...

  2. Xyience.com has the answers...

    My favorite is Amber:


    She can wear those Helen Keller shorts around me any day!

  3. That chick has a huge forehead

  4. Y'know what? For some strange reason I agree with you, I think it's how she wears her hair.

    But I usually don't look close enough to notice!

  5. lol. i noticed that too..

  6. That is what I call a fivehead.

  7. Forehead... Where???

    The Historic PES Legend

  8. Is there stuff any good?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mp5man1
    Is there stuff any good?
    quality-wise? decent stuff....price...OUTRAGEOUS!


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