Happy Birthday BOBO!!!

  1. Happy Birthday BOBO!!!

    Have a good day, you old fart hehehe Have some carbs on me



  2. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Happy B`day.

  3. Happy B-day Bobo...
    So how old are you?

    (ps... get you some today)

  4. lol nm about the age

  5. You're 30 now, time to hop into the meatgrinder and leave everything to the younger generation.


  6. hey man...happy b-day bro!

  7. Happy B-Day Bro!

  8. Bobo, have a fantastic day bro! Your and old man now!

  9. What's up old fart!! It must suck to be your age, but life goes on............not as long for you though as some others, but hey have a good one!

    And have a few beers, BTW Miller lite has few carbs you keto nazi!

  10. yeah, Ultra... on another note, don't forget to remove and soak your dentures every so often... I've heard you can get some nasty buildup in them mothers... stick with the Polydent ... but hey, even if you forget to put your teeth in when you wake up you can still slurp your precious oatmeal!

    happy birthday man, you's a kickass guy.

  11. Happy B-Day Bobo!!!

    Hope you have a lot of fun!

  12. Thanks guys!! I feel OLD! I'm going to take Colibris'a advice! Thats **** was funny.....

    mmmmmmm cake.....
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  13. Thumbs up

    Happy Birthday Bobo! Thanks for being there as both friend and mentor. From here on out, you will only get stronger.

  14. Thanks Bobo for sharing your knowledge with us, wish you a Great BDAY and party all night since you are 30 !!! , keeep pumping iron my friend .

  15. Happy Birthday Bobo!

  16. Pass the guy a Depends..

    Happy Birthday, Bobo!!

    ****, I don't even look like I'm close to 30, where's your pics Gramps?

  17. BoBo man.....i thought i was getting and feeling old @ a ripe 22. (ha) Hope your day was a pleasant one du'. Sage

  18. happy b-day man!

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  19. Pete, please follow Bobo into the blender, your time is also up. Goodbye.


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