1. soccer

    anyone going to wc 2006

  2. im going to try, most tickets to the good games are sold out i heard.

    Who do you think is going to win this year?

  3. England.
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  4. yeh germany should be fun

    soccer + metal concerts =

  5. My boy is going ...its pretty cheap if u have relatives close or u can stay in dorms if u planned ahead of time, which significantly decreases the will always be available when u get hte way i hate it but brazil should win again...if they made an A and B team out of all the brazilian stars it would be them two in the final...i just wanna see young talent on the biggest messi, rooney, ronaldihnio and robhinio...maybe even toti won't **** up this year and have a good performance....i'll be chearing for my polaks



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