Fantasy Baseball(yahoo leagues)

  1. Fantasy Baseball(yahoo leagues)

    Im in a league with a few guys Ive done several leagues with now. So we are a good group. Right now we are in a H2H league, and a Points league(LIVE draft on this one.Date determined by everyone when full). The points league is an 8 team league(was 10, but i lowered the number because we arent filling). Weve made the leagues "public"....still not filling. I need some people that will stay ACTIVE throughout the season. We arent experts, but competitive. So come have fun! Im not part of many forums, but ive been hanging around this a bit and like most of the people ive met. Hope to see you in the league!! (willing to back to 10 teams if we get to 8 fast, post in the league and let me know)

    Free yahoo leagues:

    POINTS League#: 6608 Password: Playball

    H2H League#: 99235 Password: pitch to the rhino

  2. 6608 password is: playball (might be case sensitive, all lowers)

  3. If you could post the invite link to your Roto league it would be easier for me to find since it is a publis league. Thanks

  4. Nevermind, found it. Big Johnsons. Thanks for the league.

  5. Thanks for joining up....i should have posted links, sorry about that.



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