is this the season for heartbreak?

  1. is this the season for heartbreak?

    well im not going to explian my story plain and simple i just lost my job and exactly one week later today my girl too. i dont know what to say it just seems there are so many realationship falling apart here lately.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that BMW, it seems that there is something in the water right now.
    I hope that you get back on your feet soon, and if it helps to vent on here, then do it
    Wishing you luck.

  3. I always felt sorry for you being a fins this?

    Plenty of fish my brother, plenty of fish!

  4. BMdub no worries my friend eveything will pan out. keep your head up

  5. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    I always felt sorry for you being a fins this?

    Plenty of fish my brother, plenty of fish!
    lol add to list my favorite player is most likely going to be traded off cause he cant leave the drugs alone.....

  6. HAHA, damn silly dolphins...

    Hang in there man, go take a shower...jerk off...brush your teeth, make yourself pretty, and go find some strange. I know it's not the mature thing to do, but it will make you feel good in the meantime.

  7. Time helps, focus on one thing at a time and all else will fall into place..

    RIP Ryan, :(

  8. there seems to be a lot of upheaval on that front: in my own circle of friends, there's been 1 death of spouse, and three spousal break-ups recently, plus I know 2-3 other couples coming mighty close to the rocks.

    oh, and me....

  9. Tell me about it bro, I feel you on that one, **** comes in storms and for a long time! We all need to go take a vacation to friggin Fiji!!

  10. well i suppose i should add my story to the AM breakup book, but i need to get my mind off her first. hopefully tonight i can get some rebound sex from one girl thats had a thing for me for a while. i need this bad...


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