I am not crying, I just got something in my Eye

  1. I am not crying, I just got something in my Eye

  2. I just checked that out myself earlier tonight, and damn if I didn't start welling up by the time it was over. That is probably the high point of that guy's entire life, and the raw emotion from his teammates and the crowd was beautiful to behold.

    Too bad it's the last game of the season, you'd think the guy would've earned at least a few starts with that kind of performance!

  3. had a segment on espn on this kid...straight sniper!!!...duke calling?lol

  4. i see simliar things every year at the special olympics, and makes me cry all the time...

    good post
    RIP Ryan, :(

  5. That dude was on FIRE!!! LOL...We need to see more stories such as this, rather than the hatred and violence normally reported.

  6. The way the kid shot makes you wonder why the coach waited until the last game to play him!

    My wifes youngest sister has autism; I can't tell you how much a story like that lifts the spirits of others, especially parents who deal with it everyday. God bless that coach and his classmates who imbraced him.

    I heard a radio interview with the kids mother. She said there hasn't been a week in his life that some other kid hasn't picked on him. Her quote, "after last week I don't think he'll be picked on again."


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