Ah, it feels good to look back and laugh

  1. Ah, it feels good to look back and laugh

    Long story short....

    Theres this girl I have been getting more and more interested in over the past several weeks or so. At first I thought she really liked me too (a few of my friends agreed), but it turns out different.

    So one day a few weeks ago, we make plans to go to the movies. She comes up with some gay excuse the day that were supposed to go, and when I try to reschedjule, she gives me the "I'm going to be busy for a while line." So I think maybe I'm rushing things.

    Last weekend my friend is sleeping over my house and she starts talking to him on AIM. He brings me up in the conversation because hes a nosy SOB. She says and I quote "He's a REALLY sweet guy, and hes REALLY genuine." So I think ok this is goin good. However she follows that with (keep in mind my chest is slightly over 4 feet around) "he's clingy as hell, and how can I have a serious relationship with someone I cant even get my arms around." Man, did that cut me deep. The part where my hard work to get big backfires, and the fact that she couldnt say this to my face.

    Meanwhile, my friend steve starts telling some people that he likes her now or something like that. I later find out that she has feelings for him (this part will come back later in this post)

    At first I tell my friend steve that if he makes a move on a girl he knows I like a lot, that he instantly is demoted from friend to douchbag. However, as I realize that I have no chance with her, I tell him to go for it, and that there are no hard feeling, and anger and jealousy know no place in my heart.

    Is steve a back stabbing friend? maybe, but I cant call him that, it would make me a hyppocrite (sp?). I never believed in carma untill it bit me in the ass, because my boys, it JUST SO HAPPENS to be the same gril from this thread... http://anabolicminds.com/forum/adult...iend-here.html

    Hahaah. Should have known, my men, should have known.

  2. Bro, you worked hard for the physique and 48" chest (if I did my math right in my head) NOT for her, but for you.
    Forget her.

    Anyway, funny irony though.

  3. "He's a REALLY sweet guy, and hes REALLY genuine."
    When a girl says that you KNOW that she ain't got that lovin feelin for ya. And jmh80 is right. You did this for you and if she wants to date bird-boys then let her.

  4. Just because you like a girl doesn't make her off limits to a friend. You obviously have already been shot down. I'd consider you the douche if you prevented him from trying with her after you did and got shot down.

    But seriously, there are way to many girls to worry about one that thinks your chest is too big.

  5. WTF, she's uncomfortable because she can't put her arms around you LOL ? Call me crazy, but that means she likes small men, girlie men LOL ?

  6. LOL...that is horse****.

    My wife tells me "If you ever too big I'm going to leave you"

    But yet...as I get bigger she friggin loves it. As I've ben gaining size the last 2 months she's been telling me to flex as she feels my arms. LOL....women......


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