Anyone ever purchase a used cel phone?

  1. Anyone ever purchase a used cel phone?

    Good idea/bad idea?

    I desperately need a new phone and refuse to agree to another two year contact with Spring to get a rebate. And seeing that I have 1 year left currently, this phone aint gonna make it.

    Wht all is involved in this kind of thing?

  2. just make sure that the new phone is compatible with your service. And whoever that the used phone belonged to, make sure that they don't owe anything on their bill or they won't be able to switch you over since their is an unpaid balance. Best bet is to just take the used phone you want to buy and call the person's service provider and ask them if it's doable...then if all is good, call up your service and tell them what you want to do. If it is the same service as you, read them the ESN # and ask them if everything is cool.

    To tell you the truth though, most companies will not be able to do it, they want you to buy a new phone as well, but it's worth a shot. I tried doing it twice and was not able to...

  3. Wow, I didn't know it's so complicated. Can't you just buy phone and put your SIM card from old one?

  4. i have swapped 3 phones just by changing sim cards, it might be different if you have anybody besides cingular, but if you have sprint you can call and they can change the number over the phone so your phone can recieve calls etc...

  5. It's what I though. I have T-mobil

  6. I bought a boost mobile pre-paid phone with no contract and am well satisfied for under $100, wal-mart has the best prices and selection I will bet you would be satisfied.

  7. I ran into a similar situation a few months ago when I dropped my phone in the toilet. Personally, I would recommend either checking ebay or local cell phone stores nearby. I ended up getting a used one from a local store, haven't had any real complaints besides it being fairly expensive, plus the guy at the store was able to walk me through the setup process.

  8. If you can find one for sale in a store that works well, but there aren't a lot of used ones in my experience. But e-bay is a good choice. Just make sure (as stated above) that it has the same (type of) sim card, and that your service will work on it. For example, if you search e-bay,if you have Cingular service, go under "cingular cell phones".

    You could probably have something shipped, in your hands within 3 days or so.

  9. I happend to leave my window cracked and my cell in the car. Well, it rained and I couldn't hear anything out of the phone. So, I went on Ebay and looked for the same phone (it was old and cheap). I asked the seller for the ESN#, then called Verizon to see if that was availble. After a lot of pushing to get the info, they said yes.

    So, I bid on it and won it at about $30 with shipping. So, I saved at least $20 over buying insurance and filing a claim.

    It was activated and worked fine for a year, or so.

  10. ebay baby...bought my new used nextel i730 over ebay....who cares...

    paid less than half of a new one and didnt hurt my current deal - month to month pay since my contract has been up for years....hah


  11. In the same situation myself right now. Trying to find an I850 used. I'm not paying Nextel 180 bucks plus two more years ><

  12. I'm tellin ya...Sprint/Nextel is the Devil. I cannot wait until my contract with them is over.

  13. oh yes they are... they rape you with no vaseline, and expect you to come back with a smile...

  14. I have bought quite a few in my time, usually from e-bay.
    It its not compatible with your provider make sure it is unlocked.
    You can unlock it yourself usually online for no more than $10 if you fall in love with a phone.
    I have never had a problem.

  15. Sweet. Now I just have to find one for under $50.

  16. them, had nextel and it stunk....thank god i dumped it when i dumped the
    RIP Ryan, :(

  17. You want my old Blackberry?

  18. They wont work with Sprint, will they?

  19. I think so, I know Sprint has Blackberries now.

    A really sweet site is I learned how to do all sort of wierd stuff with my phone.

    I also have an old pocket pc too...

  20. I got a used cell phone once. Somehow, all the names/#'s from the guy who had it before me were still on there. One of the contacts was "whoreface"


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