marks on my arms

  1. marks on my arms

    I have these strange marks on my arms.  there right on my arm right where the bicept meets the forearm.  It thought they were stretch marks. since I l;ift allot peopl look at them and say. you must be on roids.  it gets on my goddam nerves. anyone else have them. I can see them starting to form on my left arm too.  

  2. what color are they, describe them. probably stretch marks bro. get a vitamine E creame and start putting it on your arms 1-2x a day.

  3. Cocoa butter helps too, you could probably get it at local Vons or Safeway, or Wal-Mart since those are everywhere.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.


    ive heard this stuff is great, try that.

  5. Some say you just have to live with the marks. I got stretch marks on my left bicep during my first bulking cycle in Feb. When I cut for the summer they faded and now that I'm back to 200lbs they seem to have gotten worse, although they're still not as bad as they originally were. I think they'll fade in time, just look at them as a sign of your growth and hard work in the gym.



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