What muscle mags does everyone read?

  1. What muscle mags does everyone read?

    I hardly ever buy them anymore, but i do kinda like planet muscle. Im just curious as to what everyone else reads.

  2. Muscular Development - most of my information comes from this site though.

    On occasion MD is ahead of the game on info. Like when they did an article on Rimonabant a couple of months back and just came about on the boards a few weeks ago.

  3. Yeah MD is the best imo. I'll buy others just to flip thru on the crapper, but I've found that md has the most info.

  4. MD and Flex...but who gives a **** about magazines....read these type of boards.
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  5. I love FLEX, when I run out of toilet paper I recycle with FLEX!!
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  6. MD is heat, Flex I read for IFBB news, and inspiration seeing guys do crazy stuff during a photoshoot...

  7. I don't, i read IronMind's MILO Journal

  8. MD is the only one I ever pick up.

  9. Mind & Muscle. That's it. Well...............except for Tiger Beat and The Enquirer for news...

  10. None, most of them have gone to hell. Some of the non Weider mags used to be good, with some hard core stuff, but now it's all about supplement sales. Do I really need to read 50 pages of how great MuscleTech is when I know it's crap? Anyway alot more info on line and the photo shoots usually make it on too!

  11. American Curves...I can get away with that one and not piss off the chick at home.

  12. I can't read.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Too Small
    MD and Flex...but who gives a **** about magazines....read these type of boards.
    I agree. This board has alot more good info than any magazines. Plus its nice to not have to deal with all the ads.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Whiskey Steve
    I can't read.
    Dude, that's what the pictures are for.
  15. Wink

    MD is definately the best.

    IRONMAN has some really good articles and pics.

    Muscle Mag International for ****ter time reading and IFBB gossip and profiles.

  16. Yes MD is good but unfortunaty i cant get it at the PX here. Im supprised they had Planet Muscle, and i dont even bother to pick up a Flex or Muscle and Fitness which are the 2 they always carry. What sucks is i remember getting good info from them around when i just started working out in 1989. Damn i feel old now!

  17. I read MD now. Used to pick up Flex all the time, they do have great pics!

  18. Oh i will give them that, my wife is a graphic artist, and she says they def put a huge amount money into the visual aspect of that mag, and that the photography is excellent

  19. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    I love FLEX, when I run out of toilet paper I recycle with FLEX!!

  20. Got an MD subscription.

  21. MD but looking back even a few years they were even more hardcore. Like i miss John Romano righting about good steroid stacks n such, like he wrote one article that was like a 2 page chart of what drugs to use in what doses etc for a cutting cycle. They still are the best but i miss some of that stuff. Flex and all the others are just picture books.

  22. are there anygood amateur bodybuilding mags out?...and ifso where can i get them ?....

  23. Any time I’m at borders I skim them all.

    Last mag I bought was Musclemag.

  24. It depends..Usually I will use FLEX, but lately I have been wiping with MD and it has been chafing ALOT less, so I think I will stick with MD from here on out...

  25. muscle mags.... guys did you know if i take cell tech stack with nitro tech i could be as big as cutler!


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