the most ****ED up thing happened

  1. the most ****ED up thing happened

    well one of my longest, best friends in the world since i knew since i went to nursery, her mom and dad were getting a divorce right? well her, her brother, and her mom were moving to a new house and her dad was living in her old house. well her mom went to get a box of stuff at her dads house as they were moving and her dad stabbed her to death. i thought someone was joking when they told me it. someone i knew for a long time, killed by someone else i knew very well. damn im confused and its ****ed up right now... just found out. its like you talking to her mom and dad one day, and the next day her dad kills her mom.

    then i was thinking, u lost your mom at a young age, she was murdered to top it off AND your dad killed her. you pretty much lost both your parents. her brother found her stabbed to death at her dad's house. i can only imagine what that was like for him... sick people in this world. i would definately have no parents because i'd kill my dad after he killed my mom. god's prayers.

    R.I.P. Kathy Mayeux 

  2. thats aweful man. its sad for a life to be taken in any fashion, but a situation like that is indescribable. rest in peace. Sage

  3. horrible news ralph, I hope she is able to overcome such a shocking, traumatic thing... my thoughts go out to her and her brother, that's just awful ****...

  4. Holy ****...

  5. Sorry to hear that hope everything goes ok for them.

  6. That is horrible....

    all I can say is be there for your friend as much as you can be.

  7. This saddens me deeply, brother.. I pray that the remaining family makes it thru this tough time, and justice is served..

  8. Yo man im with you , i hope everything goes ok with your friend too man, my deepest sympathy.

  9. man i would tell you guys more but as i was typing ... just didnt feel right. thanks much appreciation from me and im sure my friend and her family. it just didnt feel right out of respect for mrs. kathy, my friend, and her family to go into great deal her death. it seems exactly out of a movie, a really stange and wicked one you would pray never happened to you, but ....

    much love fellas, thanks.

  10. dude im sorry to hear that really, just remember to be a good friend.......thoughts are with them,

  11. im truly sorry to hear that ralph...sometimes this world makes no sense

  12. my thoughts and prayers are with them...and you. just being there will mean an awful lot.


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