Ow Ow!! We fight our battles at the time and place of our choosing!

  1. Ow Ow!! We fight our battles at the time and place of our choosing!

    The moral of this story is, we will bring it to you in any way necessary and when all is said and done, you will be on the end of our bayonets wishing you had stayed home today.

    U.S. Forces Move Into Iraqi Capital

    Associated Press  

    U.S. armored vehicles drove through Baghdad on Saturday, smashing through Iraq 's Republican Guard to reach at least briefly the ultimate destination of their two-week surge across southern Iraq. In one skirmish, Marines with bayonets battled Arab fighters from abroad in a marsh on Baghdad's outskirts. 

    The U.S. incursion was not an attempt to capture large sections of Baghdad, which remained under tenuous Iraqi government control. Rather, said Air Force Maj. Gen. Gene Renuart, "it was a clear statement of the ability of coalition forces to move into Baghdad at the time and place of their choosing." The intent, Renuart said in a briefing at Central Command in Qatar, was to show the Iraqi leadership "that they do not have the control they speak about on their television."

  2. haha, that's hilarious. That's a big "bird" to Saddam right there.

  3. yessir... coalition will damn sure make it happen (this time, thankfully), and "saddam TV" will lie, backtrack, and do exactly the opposite

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