To switch or not?

  1. To switch or not?

    My current gym is a World Gym and I am starting to get a little annoyed at a lot of the things that take place there, (choice of music, lack of respect people have for equipment, trainers who really do not know what they are talking about and a few other things). Now I recently found out that there are plans for a new LA fitness center in my area and when I compare the monthly costs of each it comes out that LA is $18 month cheaper than world. My question is, have any of you had any experiance with LA fitness and if so how would you compare it to other gyms?

  2. Where are we talking exactly. I lift at a world's and things piss me off there as well. The LA fitness where I live is a fitness club, not a gym. Hotter chicks, better juice bar, more cardio equipment with better monitors, cleaner lockerrooms, pool b-ball rachetball etc at LA. Problems are less free weights, rubber or composite dumbells with really strange shaped handles, no really gym brothers to spot you or bs with, and if you choose a machine some dumbass doing circuit training will ask to cut in every 30 seconds and will leave the weight at like 10lbs. Depends what you are looking for a gym or a health club.

  3. Well its jersey, passaic county area. I see what you mean but to be honest the world I go to know almost has a health club sort of feel to it, the free weight section is about 1/4 of the place, they only have one friggin squat rack which someone is always curling in and its always crowded as hell. I really don't mind letting someone work in for a set because I am usually an very amicable person its just that management doesn't seem to care that there gym is slowly becoming more and more like a bally's.

  4. I guess every gym is different and while the chain will give youy an idea you have to look at the actual gym. My worlds is a good solid gym. The powerhouse in town is a little more hardcore but everywhere else is much less. good luck with your choice and remember the gym is really what you make out of it.

  5. I opened my 2nd nutrition store the same day and right next to the first LA Fitness opened in San Diego.

    They shop out the training to a 3rd party, so most trainers suck ass. The juice bar is owned by foreigners who sell "Protien smoothies" and have horrible hours. There are tons of hot chicks there...I am still trying to link that video, this thing would boost sales at LA Firness world wide, she is straight out of one of those Bally's commercials...

    Anywho, the main things that suck about this gym:

    There is no squat rack with a mirror in front of it.

    The squat racks are right next to the Bball courst and it is not a rare thing to have a ball come rolling between your legs mid set.

    Most of all what sucks:

    The benches are all bolted down.



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