Contract of Wifely Expectations

  1. Contract of Wifely Expectations

    Balls, brains or just general derrangement? You decide, I'm still laughing my ass off.

  2. LMAO.....this guy is nuts.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mab904
    LMAO.....this guy is nuts.
    Gotta love the contract though.

  4. Love the shaving/hygiene requirements. He wants to do a measurement check on the hair length.

  5. I wonder if he got his wife to actually sign that thing. I sent it to a friend, he's going to print it out and see if his wife will sign it.

  6. omg the laughing is giving me cramps. Absolute gold.

    Edit - it says Frey's wife never signed it.

  7. Sounds like the typical Iowan to me.

  8. oh my.... lol

    i think he would have divorced me in .0002 seconds..

    u'd think that if he has all those demands he'd be at least attractive....


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