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    Anabolicminds should have it's own chat room. Nothing against AnabolicUniverse, but they have a message board that is geared towards AAS. Our messageboard is more for the ph/ps user. Of course we have our "natural" guys as well as our AAS Bro's. IMO, I can't see us co-existing(with AU) in the same chat room. Not trying to start sh*t, but just my 2 cents. Peace.

  2. Thanks for the input labrad.. we appreciate it

  3. Thanks MD.

  4. We have one of the most educated steriod sections around with people who are serious juicers and we co-exist just fine with those of our own board who do not juice or use PH's only. AnabolicMinds is VERY much geared towards AAS usage.

    Equally, AU, which is an excellent board, has many people who do not juice at all. I do not see any conflict whatsoever. If that were the case then we would be in conflict within ourselves regardless of UA.

    That said, thanks for your feedback as it is ALWAYS appreicated.

    I like the idea that we are sharing out chat room with others. Infact, I hope we find other boards that we can partner with and add to our chat expierence. "In the counsel of many, there is knowledge and wisdom" and that's what we need here to be the best we each can be.

  5. I have never had a problem w/ any member from AM. Actually, have the upmost respect(for the AAS Bro's here), b/c they have been more than willing to help me every time I asked. I felt like a 2nd class citizen last night in chat. That will be the last time that happens. Peace.

  6. Why dont you PM me the detail Labrad. I would like to know what happened. Thanks.

  7. Well, I no longer have any problem with AU as a board or any members there. Bass and I have finally said **** it and are getting along, as well as Bellx. But if people are in there raising hell and talking about **** out of left field, I wouldnt hesitate to dismissed them, this goes to AM members, AU members, boyscout members, doesnt matter. Its is our chat room, and Chemo is kind enough to let them use it, respect must be shown. I wasnt in there, so I cant raise hell, so Ill leave well enough alone.

  8. I was in for a bit last night and didn't see anything amiss. I did notice quite a few guys I'd never seen before and figured they were just new members (I didn't realize we were sharing the chat) and they all seemed to know each and I didn't know them (except for Bellx and Ralph4u2c). I did feel a bit "out of place", so to speak, since I didn't know them well. Not a big deal though, atleast now I know why now.

  9. Maybe I went off a little too much. It was my 1st time I had ever seen them (AU) in there. I could have been in a bad mood (probably was). I will let bygones be bygones. Is that how you spell bygones? Oh well, you know what I mean. Thanks Jake. You ever think of teaching anger management?

  10. We are going to certainly expect good behavior from all. Labrads concerns are beind handled as we speak. Thanks everyone. I'm posting an announcement about the joint chat in just a min.

  11. Cool deal. Sorry, I created such a fuss. Never meant to be a rabble rouser (sp?). Peace.

  12. Dude raise your voice and let it be heard. If problems do arise people need to know about them. If problems do arise they need to addressed and taken care of. Hope they join here and can contribute accordingly.

  13. i was there last night and didnt see any problems. we had some good topics with good answers. we all introduced ourselves and said a little bit about us ... i guess some of us had a worse time than others but i made a few new friends

  14. Well I hope I can finally get back into chat one of these nights.. freaking stupid computer.

  15. labrad.... i sent a PM to windwords7 about it ... and explained a couple of things that may have been misunderstood ... there were a few conversations going on at once so a comment about one thing could easily have been thought to be for something else.

    I thought it was great to have us all talking and sharing the conversation. I was also surprised to see so many people there as well. While I have talked to Bigpete I had not spoken with ralph4u2c before though I knew of him ..... and later went to his board and registered etc.. so I met a knew bro to share with....
    and after I posted YJ posted below me and I below him and supported ideas on how to help that board .... so there is no bad blood that continues ...
    We are all looking to increase our knowledge and better ourselves. I thought the chat last night was fun and was a different atmosphere from the board itself.
    I agree here 100% with YJ's comment... there should be no BS in the chat .. or elsewhere... but this is about the chat... and I dont want to see anything but good conversation and the sharing of ideas etc... and what we like to eat LOL ...
    I dont need to and wont try and defend my board ... it is what it is and it is what the members make of it .. not what I make of it .... we are an older group and our board is different ... but myself and the members of my board hold Anabolic Minds to the highest degree. I truly feel it is one of the best boards out there and I will always come here to research info and engage in conversation when I am educated enough to fit in the conversation. There are some extremely smart people here and I hope that whatever you feel or felt is now gone ... life is to short to not live it to the fullest and I dont want any bad blood between the boards. I want to see us all grow and educate each other as well as those who are just starting out and need help in finding direction in any and all aspects of there training.

    just my 2 cents ... and labrad ... please feel free to PM me and ask me anything .... if there is something on your mind I am easy to find and always willing to listen and answer you honestly ...

  16. Well said.


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