1. Anemia

    I was wondering if anyone here is anemic? Iv'e been really tired recently and I read up on what could be the cause and I have alot of symptoms of anemia ( sluggish, tired and when I press on my skin it takes a few seconds to turn back to the normal color)

  2. my best friend is anemic, but it think shes mildly anemic..., as far as the symptoms you listed shes like that....but i dont think its due to her being anemic. she works alot and is super pale (hence skin color affect)

    go visit the doc, if you want i could ask her specific things for you

  3. Do you take a good Multi? Getting enough zink, and iron?

  4. yea I take one a day mens, I think im going to supplement some iron though and see how that goes.

  5. The ona a day Mens aint gona cut it man, especialy if you are an athlete.

    I would get a good multi...super nutrition mens blend or Super Blend
    and spread out 4 tabs in either 2 or four doses daily.

    And take ZMA...

  6. You will be loving me in a month or so!


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