Spinal fusion (arthrodesis)

  1. Spinal fusion (arthrodesis)

    Anyone familiar with this procedure? My father is getting this done Friday. I've read some things and get what the actual procedure is, but i noticed some of the possible side effects include blood clots, and pulminary embolisms (sp?)

    even though he never takes any supplements I tell him, I'm hoping he might this time. Anyone have any suggestions to help speed recovery?

    I guess as far as bone regrowth, blood clot and infection prevention?

    I mean I'm sure he is going to get scripts, but he was recently laid off from his job (dental technician), and his current insurance runs out like next week so they fast tracked the surgery for this Friday. His ass hole boss is also changing the insurance, which basically makes it impossible for him to be able to have it like after next month. I'd hate for him to have to pay like 1000 bucks a month for some scripts..

    any help would be much appreciated of course..


  2. ok well i just read an email from him that his white blood cell count is too high, so they are cancelling the surgery tomorrow b/c it would be too risky.

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