bull jumps into audience

  1. Talking bull jumps into audience


    Look at these people, reminds me of when i go to concerts.

  2. That video is so nuts. I saw it on Spanish pseudonews the day that it happened (Al Rojo Vivo). I was looking for a clip to post it here. Interesting stuff. I think that is the first time that has ever happened. How the hell did a bull balance on that little wall and then jump that distance? That is a 1000lb. animal.

    Bullfighting is pretty fascinating. I've been to 10 corridas. You have to understand it to enjoy it. If anyone is interested, Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon is a great guide.

  3. Holly chit, that was crazy as hell. I would have crapped my pants, wait that is normal, I would have not crapped my pants.

  4. Did you notice the first guy who the bull jumps over he ducked then pops his head up as the bull goes on past him, funny as hell. Also theres so many old people who dont even run till the bull is right beside him, this old couple are like ok hon wed better move and the bull is right beside them!!!

  5. Did you see the guy who got gored in the chest? It said on the news that he was severely wounded.



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