Props To...... IronMike

  1. Props To...... IronMike

    IronMike has 23 referals to the site. I was browsing the board Statistics today and saw Recruiters and almost **** a brick. I had thanked him a week or so ago via PM for getting people over to the site, but damn, I had no idea he had 23 referals. Pretty incredible, its much appreciated.....

    On a site note-

    Im pretty proud that when I visit dozens of boards I never see a AnabolicMinds shameful plug on any board. Keep the prestige of this board high and members will inevitably find it. Thanks again to anyone here with even 1 referal, that shows you give a **** about the board and want others to be a part of it and those without a referal,'re all going to hell I suppose Good work guys and again, Thanks to IronMike.....

    Maybe we can give him Platinum Status

  2. making people aware of this place and actually having them come is some good ****, definitely deserves recognition when it happens that much, good job IronMike!

  3. Good work. Keep it up.

  4. Ow OW, 23! Nice!

  5. thats awesome...i keep tellin a coupla folks i know but they never seem to wanna come over here...anybody else have this prob? i figure its their loss.

  6. Yeah I found that at first too, but as I mention this place more and more I'm starting to see some of them posting here.

  7. And below you is one of the referral guys for Draven , Me and draven both come from a private board , he was the one that told me about this board and damn , I wish i had find it soonerr, so much knowledge to acquire is not even funny, PROPPS to IRONMIKE.

  8. Hey now don't forget Bean from skinnyguy

    PJ was here at one point but he got banned... i think thats my only referral; so no props for me

  9. Hey Bean nice pic of a lion you got there hehe , btw bean how is that FINA kicking in man?


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