anyone else from maryland

  1. anyone else from maryland

    Im always looking for more people to train with and learn from.  anyone from marlyand.  Im in columbia but travel to B'more 3 days a week so I workout in both places.

  2. I go down to frederick everynow and then on weekends but i live in new jersey.

  3. Wher in NJ are ya?

  4. I live in Frederick.

  5. too many jersey brahs and too few nyc boys. (ha) sorry destro19, back to your question.......bump. Sage

  6. who here is from NJ?

  7. Who here is from WV?

  8. flemington new jersey in hunterdon county

  9. I'm in Edison, NJ

  10. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Who here is from WV?

    If they were, wouldnt you know them?? Or wouldnt they be your cousins or something?? LMAO





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