English Paper

  1. English Paper

    I got a research paper to do for english. Throw out any ideas you have. I got a few down such as the tibet controversey thing and the banning of prohormones. I need some ideas and what would be best to do a paper on. The only things i can't do are capital punishment, legalization of marijuana and abortion because they are to cliche.

  2. It has to be a controversial issue? I did a lame one in college on the abolishment of the electorial college.

  3. How about the pros and cons of the way we are fighting in Irac i.e. being more concerned about their civilians than they are. And what extra needless danger that will put our troops at, and spice it up with the British announcing today that they will let vans that don't stop at checkpoints go on through.... why have a check point...

  4. Tell your teacher you want a Red Rider bbgun with walnut stock and action pump handle!

  5. polygamy, incest, euthanasia, stem cell research, cloning, genocide, feminism, affirmative action, gun politics, creationism, scientology... and lastly... vegetarianism

    all I could think of at the moment... wrote loads loads of papers last semester though, so if I come up with more, will throw em up (barf)

    by the way... did you want controversial **** as YJ asked?

  6. ooooooooooooooooooo

    write a paper, a LOADED paper on the Ephedra banning stuff... a very hot topic where you may have a chance to educate some ignorant people

  7. Yea a controversal issue

  8. Originally posted by Jarconis
    Tell your teacher you want a Red Rider bbgun with walnut stock and action pump handle!
    oh, man, this is awesome! Christmas Story is one of the best movies ever!

    on the paper topic...i like the ephedra idea...and ya maybe you can educate some folks!

  9. Bro I'd recommend the PH issue 'cause you'll have the chance to educate a lot of people. The PH issue is so easy to write on too


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