Supplement additions...

  1. Supplement additions...

    at a glance, this is a list of the supplements I am currently taking in my efforts make gains that I can keep.

    time released multi vitamin 2X d

    whey isolate and simple sugar source before and after
    workouts with CEE

    flax oil am
    fish oil pm

    zinc/ mag /calcium 1hr before bedtime

    probolic sr shake at bedtime.

    I am new to commited training and have been enjoying the gains that I'm attaining. At the advice of some of you who have been in the game for a while I am going to postpone trying any anabolics for a while and just focus on consistency in my diet and workouts.

    I'm thinking of adding L-car/ala ... good idea? Any other supps anyone can suggest ?


  2. What are your goals? If you are looking to drop fat add ALA or even better R-ALA at 200 mgs with food (carbohydrate) 3 times daily. L-car works if you use a ton. 2grams before cardio...take your ALA also at this time without carbohydrate. Becarefull the first few time you do this as it may make you feel light headed.

  3. I'm just looking to put on as much quality mass as possible. Fat loss isn't really an issue because since I cleaned up my diet last year I've leaned right out. I'm supplementing as above and eating at least 6 meals a day. I eat almost always every 2 hrs. I look a little "full" right now because I'm looking to gain some mass. Guess I could say I'm bulking.

  4. EAT!!! Never be hungry.

    As far as supps, protein powders and gainers will save you time and money. I have lived off protein powders and fish oil for a few streches in my life.

  5. Drop simple sugars and might add few antioxidants such as green tea, vit C, E.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    Drop simple sugars and...
    You still need a carb source, I strongly suggest old fashioned oatmeal. Dirt-cheap, low glycemic, good source of fiber and long lasting energy. I keep 'em in a jug with a spoon and just eat them raw before and after a workout with sips from my shake to help with the chewing. Too dry to be eaten without a shake to wash down each bite. I also mix some cinniamon into my oatmeal to assist with insulin uptake and for the flavoring.


  7. It's what I meant... I'm too lazy LOL

  8. I put oats right into my shake.

  9. I gag when I try to drink chunky oatmeal in my shake. I tried blending it but it was just too thick for comfort, and took forever to air out.


  10. Yeah, oatmeal is definately a staple in my diet. Every morning, presently with 4 whole eggs. I was doing the egg whites only and eating all extremely lean meats. I discovered the hard way that that's not a recipe for mass I was looking more like a runner than a bodybuilder! Have since learned the importance of healthy fats and have been liberal with the olive oil and avacado's,etc.
    I thought the whole"simple sugar " route was to speed the protien into muscle tissue...

  11. Definitely going to add BCAA's to my gymbag. Any opinions of gnc"s 'sport' capsules? They"re inexpensive but will they be effective as say 'BCAAEX'? Seems like everything is going esterfied. Also am pretty set on choosing 'up your mass' as a gainer for it's nice carb source. what's the best time / frequency for gainers to be taken?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by masstery
    I thought the whole"simple sugar " route was to speed the protien into muscle tissue...
    Yes, that's what sugar does in a whey shake. However from my research, it's not very "healthy" from a long term standpoint. Sugar spikes your insulin levels which is why it drives the protein into your muscles quickly. However you build resistance to these insulin spikes with time and your insulin become less effective down the road. This is what leads to one of the types of diabetics.

    Your body is no longer able to absorb/utilize as much of the nutrition you're taking in unless you're supplementing with insulin or insulin mimnickers. In short, your body becomes less efficent and it becomes harder for you to gain/hold on to gains down the road and easier to get fat.

    Somebody please correct me if I'm off base here as I'm still learning and figuring this all out myself.

    I switched from dextrose (I still have a bunch of 2 pound bags of dexrose in my kitchen) about 3 months ago to using oatmeal instead and I have not noticed any loss in energy or decreased gains. In fact, my gains became better. I suspect it's because either, or a combination of these two: My body insulin sensivity improved and I was able to remain more anabolic throughout the day, and/or because oatmeal stays in my system longer which provides me with a longer stream of quality carbs/protein which is of importance especially since I'm an ecto.

    BCAA = Good idea. Buying pill forms = expensive. Just get it in powder form in bulk. If you care about taste and can spend a few extra dollars, get the 1035g jar of Xtend. Watermelon flavoring is generally considered the better tasting one of the two. I personally go with straight up BCAA with some Xtend mixed in since it's cheaper.



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