Thinking about making a protein supplement

  1. Thinking about making a protein supplement

    What's up guys? Ive been thinking about this for sometime now and I have decided im going to buy about 50lbs of protein, creatine and maltodextrin and make a protein supplement I can sell in and around my county to friends and such and see what the interest is and maybe go from there....I was thinking about names and I just wanted to get your take on this
    so far I like this one



    tell me what you guys think

  2. or CreaTrition Products

  3. CreaTriton is no good, makes it seem as though you are a creatine based company, might scare away people looking more into just protein or fatburners or other products....just my 2 cents.

  4. Exchange the malto with undenatured-hydrolized-micellar sweet potato albumin. jk

    Seriously though, why screw up good protein by adding cheap sugar? A complex carb is the way to go IMO.
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  5. Yea, a lot of people are catching on that carbs aren't bad and that Complex Carbs are even better.

  6. well I was using it as more of a post workout shake...and the malto is digested very fast so glycogen stores are replinshed....but what would be a good complex carb powder?


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