posing guide if you are full of yourself

  1. posing guide if you are full of yourself

  2. LMAO! Ooooh that poor poor sap. ALWAYS erase incriminating video evidence. Love the sound track even though I could only stomach about 20 seconds of footage, lol.

  3. That's what you call "doin da Jackass"

  4. lol...what a douche...

    I've got to say, however, I was surprised that he actually had damn good handwork at the end...I was expecting something pathetic.

  5. He had barb wire above the bicep...NO....who has those...so predictable....lol...got to destroy the evidence!!!

  6. isn't that one of the bash brothers from mighty ducks?

  7. the abs, the abs baby, the abs...chest, you feel like chest, huh?

  8. I dont know why but DSL's post made me laugh.....the image of the dude popped in my head.

  9. Well, he's got potential in the WWF, if it's even called that anymore.

    He's got:
    A. A theme song.
    B. An entrance.
    C. An unbreakable badass attitude.
    D. The ever-so-important barbwire tattoo (similar to that of Pamela Anderson).
    E. He's already got the champ belt.

  10. I thought that was Glen for a sec, but realized he was too tall.
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  11. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    that was hilarious....i thought it couldnt get any more funny until he grabbed the WWE title belt.... poor sap...

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    I thought that was Glen for a sec, but realized he was too tall.

  13. ... i hate you all

  14. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    ... i hate you all

    Don't fret little man.....it's all about the arms baby......see the arms? Look at the power

  15. I feel the power!..oh wait, that's a bowel movement coming on.


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