Dependent on Technology

  1. Dependent on Technology

    I am taking a one week break from technology based modes of communication.
    No Internet
    No Phones
    No TV
    No Radio

    Since I was very young I have been intersted in Sociology, Psychology, ect.
    I hope I learn something from this. (maybe all I will learn will be things I read in books while I would usually be surfing the internet....but I guess we'll see.)

    I just thought I would post this because I think it would be a positive thing for everyone to try.

  2. You are going to learn that all of those things are great and society can't function properly without them.

  3. I did that...for a month and guess what I learned?


    It never changed my life in any way except made it more inconvienient during that month. When the month was over, I realized that nothing in my life changed.

    Technology is good. Embrace it.

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