So far, I've spent a decent amount of time researching the best quality speakers I can get for ~$1000, but I realize that I still have more research to do. However, I need help narrowing down my choices.

(I don't trust my "objective" ability when visiting the B&M stores--I sense that the salesmen are trying to "push" certain brands/models, and my untrained ear actually thinks the Bose systems sound nice.) Well, I know better than to spend any money on Bose speakers, thanks to feedback from many posters on other forums.

Please let me know your thoughts on the best speaker system I can get for ~$1000. Also, if anyone knows anything about these three systems below, please let me know your thoughts, too:

Intimus 422/S-8 Compact Home Theater System, by Aperion <--These are ~$800

Calypso™ 5 Channel Home Theater Speaker System, by Radiient <--These are ~$450

Micra 6 Home Theater Speakers, by athena TECHNOLOGIES <--These are ~$350