Bummer...at least he was not in the car!

  1. Bummer...at least he was not in the car!

    Harold Pearson stands next to the crushed Honda Accord belonging to coworker Johnny White, Friday morning, March 28, 2003, after high winds from a tornado Thursday evening flipped this moving truck onto the car in the parking lot of Daniels Moving in Miami. No one was in the car at the time. (AP Photo/David Adame)
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  2. "honey, get the jack"

  3. lol....so the guy wasnt trying to carry the trailer on his roof?.......man was I mis informed


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  5. can anyone say...... insurance scam! heheh

  6. I wouldn't buy the same roof rack that guy had..wonder if it was THULE.

  7. maybe that's how some of those ricers get their cars so low... I am gonna' do a search for the semitruck lowering kit on a civic board


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