Please! Everyone Respond Here! We Need Your Help!

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  1. Please! Everyone Respond Here! We Need Your Help!

    1. I need to know if you ARE or are NOT recieving auto emails about responses to your subscribed threads.

    2. AND did you recieve a private message that I sent out to all members earlier today?

    Please respond by typing a 1 and 2 and described below and answer yes or no! Thanks EVERYONE!!

    1. (Your Yes or No response here)

    2. (Your Yes or No response here)

  2. I'll start it off!

    1. NO

    2. NO


  3. Ill second that boooo with a...

    1. No

    2. No

  4. Thanks YJ.

    15 Views should be 15 responses

    Please, I need everyone I can to respond to this ASAP! We need to figure out what is going on.

  5. Umm.. I think we know whats going on, the e-mails and PMs are being received, right?

  6. LOL! Very funny smart guy

  7. Still waiting for responses......

  8. 1. No
    2. No

    Now stop crying.

  9. 1) no
    2) no

    i havent suscribed to a thread in a while however. but for now, 2 no's. Sage

  10. I think if you put this in a different section, where posts counted, you would have more post-whores replying.

    1. no, but I think I have this feature disabled
    2. no

  11. no, no

  12. 1 no
    2 no

  13. OKAY! I'M ON IT!

    BTW, you sent an email to everyone, WW7...not a PM


  14. LMAO! Sorry, I meant a private email. My bad! No one got it anyway!

  15. no e-mail or PM here too

  16. 1. no

    2. no

    actually now that i think about it i havent in about a day or two...

  17. 1 no
    2 no

    but in case u were wondering, frank shamrock won his fight last night by submission in under 2 minutes...

  18. it disabled

  19. 1.I don't know
    2. Idon't know

    (I never check my E-mail)

  20. 1 disabled, so NO
    2 NO

  21. 1 disabled
    2 no

  22. No, and no.

  23. Yes, I get email notifications

    No, I didn't get the email..

    Nicolai, who did Frank fight?

  24. Frank fought a MONSTER of a guy! Very glad to hear he won.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  25. 1. NO
    2. NO


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